Essential Fashion Guide For Your Children This Winter

This winter is looking to be particularly chilly, so I’m already thinking about wrapping the kids up warm.  It’s time to think about children’s winter clothes.

My kids have reached the ages where they want a say in their fashion choices. They want to look like all the other kids and wear big brands and the right movie merchandise.

It’s not always easy to get hold of the things they want, so I’m spreading my search on the internet to see what is looking good this winter – and making sure I stay within budget.

Children’s winter clothes ideas

Baby wear

Baby wear in winter is really easy.

Babies can’t regulate their body temperatures in the same way we can so it’s essential to provide layers to trap their body warmth in.

Protecting little fingers and toes is important too. I really cringe when I see barefoot babies in buggies at this time of year!

Lots of mums are looking for designer baby clothes to ensure the quality is good, and the look is just right too.

Togs for toddlers

Toddlers are trouble with a capital T! They run around and make a mess in no time.

When you’re looking for winter fashion for a toddler, you need to find clothing that moves with them.

Most toddlers are quite wobbly on their feet, so it’s important to avoid any clothing that restricts them too much.

I love those cute, fluffy snowsuits, but they can be hard for a toddler to move about freely. For a baby, they’re perfect because they’re easy to take on and off in a nappy emergency.

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Winter warmth for preschoolers

Preschoolers are very determined little people. They don’t want to wear scarves and socks, and good luck getting them to wear a jumper!

If your preschool has a uniform, I would recommend buying it, if your budget can stretch to it. You may have more chance of getting them to wear things like jumpers and hats if everyone is wearing the same thing.

Snow boots are the big thing in footwear right now. They’re warm and robust, and muddy puddles are no cause for concern!

Once kids are at school they are determined to be wearing the latest thing but I avoid V-necks and Tees at this time of year. Long sleeves and warm collars help keep chesty coughs at bay.

Gloves, hats and scarves get lost a lot, but if you choose a set featuring their favourite movie characters, the kids are more likely to keep them safe!

With the bad weather coming in, I prefer to stick to clothing I can run through the tumble dryer.

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Winter clothes for teenagers

When it comes to teenagers, you sometimes have to give them a clothing allowance. Let them make their own choices.

Appearance and fashion are very important to children at this age. If you get something they don’t like the look of, they simply won’t wear it – and boy can they be stubborn!

It’s important not to panic if they don’t look appropriately attired for the weather. Teens are hardy creatures, but they won’t let themselves be cold or wet for long!

When it’s cold and wet outside you want to wrap your children up in long coats, hats, scarves and gloves.

But not all kids will be willing to wear what’s needed!

Have a warm and healthy winter.

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