How To Choose The Best Toothbrush For Adults And Children

Looking after the kids’ health is part of my role as a mum.

Part of that is leading by example and teaching them how to take responsibility for their own health. There are lots of aspects of health and well-being to think about, from our diet to our happiness.

One of the things that we all have to take care of is our dental health so we can keep our teeth nice and healthy.

I recently had to buy some new toothbrushes for everyone.

I realised that we don’t always put a lot of thought into buying a toothbrush. So I did some research to help me decide which toothbrushes are best.

Manual or Electric

The biggest decision you need to make when you buy a toothbrush is whether to buy a manual one or an electric one.

We’re all familiar with a normal toothbrush; it has a plastic handle and some bristles.

You have to do all the work to brush your teeth, which I’m sure my kids would prefer not to do!

The other option is to get an electric toothbrush, but many people wonder whether they’re good for your teeth.

In terms of effectiveness, there isn’t really a difference between the two types of toothbrush.

You can see to read about some of the benefits of buying an electric one.

Some other things to think about are the cost, and how you use it.

Electric toothbrushes can make it easier for you to be gentle if you need to.


Windell Oskay 

Bristle Softness 

When you look at toothbrushes or heads for electric brushes, you will usually see soft, medium and hard bristles.

Many people go for medium or hard ones as they feel they will do a better job.

But I recently found out that it’s often better to use a soft brush.

It can be gentler on your teeth, whereas medium and hard bristles can sometimes be too harsh.

If you (or your child) brushes vigorously, you may only need a soft brush to do a good job.

Choosing Toothbrushes for Children

Picking toothbrushes for the kids is a little different to buying them for me.

While they might be tempted by cartoon images and bubblegum toothpaste, I’m more concerned about how well they can clean their teeth.

The most important thing is that it’s the right size to reach every part of their teeth.

If a toothbrush is too large, they won’t be able to get it to the back of their mouth.

And since children aren’t great at being gentle at the best of times, a brush with soft bristles is best.

Even though I have final say, I like to take the kids with me to get new toothbrushes.

They can be more excited (or at least less unenthusiastic) about using it if they get to pick it out.

I never knew there was so much to think about when it comes to picking a toothbrush.

But now I know it’s a bit more complicated than I first thought, I’ll try to get the right ones every time.

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