Review: Hey, That’s My Fish! Game

Sometimes, the simplest games are the most fun and this one, “Hey, That’s My Fish!” from Fantasy Flight Games has kept Caitlin and I playing for a good couple of hours.

Hey, That’s My Fish!

The game involves moving your penguins over the ice floe and capturing as many fish as possible.

You have 4 penguins each and they move across a selection of tiles each marked with one, two or three fish.

There is a strategy involved.  You create a square with your 60 hexagonal tiles which represents the ice.

Turn the tiles over and shuffle them, then flip them over and start creating your ice floe.
Caitlin laying out the ice floe tiles

The tiles are hexagonal and you can move in any direction unless you are blocked by your opponent.

Basically, your penguins jump from tile to tile and the tile they jump off is added to your stock of fish.

It’s a race to get your penguins on the tiles with two and three fish.

Our ice floe creation needs a bit of work

Beware though,  if all the ice (tiles) vanishes around you, you’re stuck and are out of the game.

The winner is the player who collects the most fish before the ice melts.

The game can be played by 2 – 4 players and is, I would say, suitable for children aged 6 and up.

Caitlin intends to win!

Caitlin really enjoys this one and can’t wait to challenge her dad when he returns from his latest business trip.

Hey, That’s My Fish! is available from Amazon and from other gaming stores.

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