Review: Scholl Footcare Products

Since I had kids I must confess that most of the time I am in flats or boots – largely so I can keep up with Caitlin and Ieuan.  We rarely use the car so I am always in walking shoes or trainers.

Just occasionally, and usually for a date night with The Husband, I put on a pair of heels.

There is a definite art to walking in heels and I think I’ve lost it.  It’s a bit ironic that in my working days I lived in heels and thought nothing of sprinting for buses and trains wearing them.

Nowadays I find I’m teetering like an old lady whilst holding on to The Husband’s arm!

Having big feet doesn’t help.  I take a size 8 shoe and it’s only in recent years that footwear manufacturers deigned to make shoes in that size!

Actually, I’m in good company.  Look at the celebs below who have less than dainty feet!

Elle Macpherson – size 12 feet

Elle Macpherson – size 12

Kate Winslet – size 11

Uma Thurman – size 11

Paris Hilton – size 11 feet

Paris Hilton – size 11

Oprah Winfrey – size 11

Meg Ryan – size 11

Audrey Hepburn – size 10.5 feet

Audrey Hepburn – size 10.5

Cindy Crawford – size 10

Jacqueline Kennedy – size 10

Surprising, isn’t it?

But when I do find heels that fit, I usually have to sacrifice comfort for style.

There’s nothing worse than sore and aching feet so I rely on products like Scholl Party Feet, thin gel inserts which just slip into your shoes and stop that awful burning sensation on the ball of your foot.

I also make sure my feet are well moisturised and that I’ve removed any uncomfortable hard skin.

Scholl has just brought out a new Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream which moisturises and exfoliates to give an instant soothing effect that lasts for up to 24 hours.

Scholl claims that your feet will look much healthier after 7 days which is a time-scale I definitely like!

Shoes and boots can also be kept fresh with Scholl Fresh Step Shoe Spray which has a 24-hour formula.

Very useful for trainers and keep fit shoes!

Scholl products are widely available at supermarkets and chemists.  For further information, visit their website at

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