When A Mum Is Sick – Questions I Ask Myself

We have all had the latest bug this week which has been going around the school like the plague. Caitlin had it and gave it to Ieuan. Unfortunately, I have succumbed to it too and, as I lie festering in my bed, unable to move or even think straight,  I find my thoughts are far from productive and, dare I say it, even a bit odd.  Yep, it’s no joke when a mum is sick and has kids to look after.

Do you think anything like this?

Should I get up?

Do you feel guilty at having to lie down?  Even though I know the Husband is fine looking after the kids, it still feels like my ‘job’.  And if he’s away on business,  I have to get up.

Have I given it to the rest of the family?

In which case it’s likely to go round and round… and round.

Have I failed to bleach/detox/ wet wipe sufficiently?

Has the current miasma of dust and spiders webs lurking in certain, ahem, corners created a cauldron for a nasty virus?

Will it ever go or is this the start of something worse?

That’s the thing about being in your 50’s.  You do start to become a little more, shall we say, neurotic, about bits of your body starting to malfunction.

Should I reschedule all my meetings now, just in case I’m not well enough to go?

Even if the meetings are days ahead, I still find myself obsessing about not being well enough to go. The idea of being taken ill whilst out and about terrifies me.  The Husband, on the other hand, carries on regardless – and a positive mental attitude must work because he is very rarely ill, and then only mildly.

Do I need to see a doctor?

Ah, the biggie.  I think we probably all rush to see a doctor (if we can get an appointment, that is) when a few days “watch and wait” would probably see the back of the illness altogether – particularly if it is the latest virus which is doing the rounds.

Should I eat something?  But I don’t really want to eat.

I find in times of sickness, I can usually manage a glass of milk or a lump of cheddar, but that’s about it.  We have a sort of family cure of Oasis drink (banned the rest of the time because of its sugar content), cheese & onion crisps and chocolate – which also doubles neatly as a hangover cure – but it does seem to work.

Is it safe to hug the kids?  (I probably shouldn’t in case I pass the bug back to them)

Ironic that at the time you need comfort most you should probably have an “avoid at all costs” sign around your neck.

Is daytime TV the answer?

I don’t but the mindlessness of morning TV is kind of soothing.

I think though, that when we are under the weather, rather than berate ourselves, we need to be kinder to ourselves – even if that just means an earlier night or cooking a healthier tea (and leaving the wine in the fridge).

Sometimes we don’t realise how run down we have become until a bug strikes – and even though we feel horrible, it is a good opportunity to look at our self-care and to take a step back and ask ourselves what we need.

Sometimes, we may also need to ask the family for their support in this, and that can’t be a bad thing because a happy mum is the lynchpin of a happy family!


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