27 October, 2015

Win £50 Cash

Christmas is looming and we’re all starting to save the pennies.

£50 cash could be yours

The kids are already writing their Christmas lists and the careful negotiating has begun.

“I don’t really think you need to ask Santa for one of those – it’s too old for you”.

“Are you sure you would play with that?”

“I think that’s for a child a little bit younger”.

“If you ask Santa for this, I don’t think you can ask for that as well”.

If you’ve been disciplined, you’ve been squirrelling a little aside each week.

I read about a great idea which works well if you have internet banking and a related online savings account.

It works like this.

Each day go online and check your balance.

Then, if your balance is an odd amount, simply adjust it by rounding it up to the nearest £5 and move the extra to the savings account.

For example,  your balance is £127.99.

Then you’d move £2.99 over to your savings account so your balance is £125.00.

Or your balance is £158.27.

Then you’d move £3.27 over to your savings account so your balance is £155.00.

Sometimes you will move ridiculously low amounts – even under a £1 but stick with it.

I started at the beginning of May and have saved £250 so far and I do not have that many transactions leaving my current account.

It’s an easy and relatively pain free way to say a Christmas fund – as long as you remember to check your balance.

Many of us can afford to save a little each day – even if we just give up our morning takeaway coffee.

I will certainly be starting to do this from 1st January now I have seen how quickly a small amount saved can grow.

Some of my lovely blogging friends and I are offering to help you add (or perhaps start) your Christmas pot with £50 cash and I recommend you check out their blogs too where you can get some additional entries towards the prize.

Rebecca at ialwaysbelievedinfutures.com
Lucy at The Parent Game
Mellissa at The Diary of Jewellery Lover
Lucy at It’s A London Thing

Entry is via the Rafflecopter below. Terms & conditions apply.  Please allow 28 days for delivery. No automated entries. No bulk or third party entries. One entry per person. Giveaway ends midnight on 26/11/15. The winner’s name will be published. Please note there is one prize of £50 cash across the 5 blogs participating.

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