Help Your Back Pain With These Tips

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As we get older, sadly, we are no longer as flexible as we used to be, which can lead to many problems. One area of the body that can cause a lot of issues is the back, especially the lower area. From constant aching to spasms, back pain comes in many varieties. Whether it is related to excess weight, surgery, sports injuries or a road or workplace accident, there can be many triggers of back pain.

If you suffer from back problems, you will know just how upsetting it can be. There’s not just the pain to deal with, but also how it affects your daily life. Simple tasks like picking up your child for a hug or carrying the groceries to the house can be all it takes to put your back out.

I once ended up in bed for a week simply by bending down to pick up a black bag full of rubbish and the Husband had to carry me to the sofa!

For serious back pain caused by an accident or illness, it’s always best to consult a doctor. Mild back pain, though, can often be treated quite effectively at home with some of the tips below.

How to beat mild back pain

Stay active 

It might be painful, but the worst thing you can do is lay still. Our spines are meant to be constantly moved, even when they’re feeling a little sore. Don’t spend the day sat still, get up and move about. My physiotherapist told me that he advises never sitting down for longer than 45 minutes at a time!

Take the dog for a walk, go to work, do everything that you normally would on a daily basis. While your back is healing, avoid strenuous exercise. Once it’s healed, however, aerobic exercise, like swimming and cycling, can help to keep your back healthy. Weights are a big no-no, but any form of aerobic exercise is perfect for strengthening your spine, as are pilates and yoga.

Relieve the pain 

When it comes to fighting back pain, often taking a couple of ibuprofen tablets can work wonders. If you are unsure about what will work best for the type of back pain that you have, ask your pharmacist to recommend something.

You might not like the idea of taking drugs to remedy the pain, but often, they can work wonders. My GP advised me that taking painkillers will help you to keep moving and therefore help heal your back quicker.  Ibuprofen comes in gel form as well as tablets and you may find applying these directly to the location of your pain more effective.

As well as taking medicine to relieve your back pain, you may find that applying hot and cold compresses also helps.

Whatever you decide to take, if the pain does not subside or starts to get worse, see your GP and remember to check the dosage for any tablets you do take and stick to one type, rather than mixing and matching whatever you can find in your medicine cabinet.

Switch your mattress 

Did you know that 10 per cent of back pain is caused by sleeping on a mattress that is uncomfortable? You may not have thought about it, but something as simple as your mattress could be causing your back ache.

If you think that your mattress could be the problem, especially if it is more than 10 years old, consider replacing it and take a look at some of the memory foam mattresses on the market such as SIMBA.

Stretch regularly 

Did you know that backache can be caused by not stretching out your muscles enough? To help reduce your back pain and aid healing, take the time to stretch at least twice a day. There are various stretches that you can do to help your back, but the best ones will depend on exactly where the pain is.

Dealing with back pain is never easy; living with it can be incredibly upsetting. However, by following the tips above, you can make beating back pain a little easier.

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Posts may contain affiliate links

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