27 November, 2015

Darling, I’m Going To Have To Cancel – Sound Familiar?

Is there anything more annoying than trying to arrange an event and having people drop out at the last minute?

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I don’t think you’ll be needing all that party food

Anyone who has organised a children’s birthday party will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Yes, they say they will be there and then whilst you’re frantically stuffing party bags you’ll receive the text.

Little Jimmy’s much missed aunt from Atlantis has just turned up with an unfathomable chill and the entire family is in quarantine for the next fortnight – but DO have a lovely time.

But, according to mint makers Mentos, the average Brit makes 104 social arrangements every year – but will only actually turn up to half of them.

Mentos polled 2000 Brits in their quest to encourage people to make the first step to make more friends, especially as Christmas approaches. Presumably having minty fresh breath will help with this.

One in three Brits admit that they say “yes” to every invite – whether they intend to go or not.

The majority of Brits (49 percent) claimed they are usually “too tired” to go out – with a further 36 percent admitting they would simply “rather stay in”.

A staggering one in ten (7 percent) claimed they would avoid a night out if their “favourite TV programme was on”.

And it would appear honesty is not the best policy for the majority of us – with almost 60 percent claiming it is “easier to make an excuse” to get out of something.

Topping the list of excuses was “sickness” – with 60 percent of Brits saying they regularly use illness as a way out of an arrangement.

Other excuses included “I double booked” (20 percent), “I thought it was a different day” (18 percent) and “the children are poorly” (15 percent).

One in ten Brits have even wheeled out the old ‘I’m waiting for a delivery” line.

The ease at which we are now able to cancel was revealed as the main reason for the “cancellation nation” – with 80 percent claiming it is easier to cancel in this day and age because of email, text and messaging apps.

The study also found we are most likely to blow out work colleagues (54 percent), with friends (28 percent) next in line.

Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopolous says, “What we all have to remember is that stepping out of our comfort zone and making fresh connections is good for our physical and mental well-being. We all need to make the time to say yes because the simple act of getting out and connecting with new, and old friends is so important.”

It also emerged around one in three of us (30 percent) will happily say yes to anything to avoid hurting friends’ feelings.

Fortunately though the report did reveal around six out of ten (62 percent) do feel guilty when they cancel.

Overall the stats show that of the 104 social engagements we agree to each year, we only make 52.

Three percent said they have even cancelled on their other half.

Text is the preferred method of cancellation (49 percent).

I’d love to see you all up the Ferret & Wood Fettler for a swift Christmas drink but I’m afraid I’m waiting in for a delivery.

Further information: Mentos candy is the number two candy brand in the world with four million UK customers enjoying close to 100 million rolls a year.
www.Mentos.co.uk / facebook.com/mentos.

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