A 7 Step Guide To Choosing The Ultimate Pushchair

When you have a baby, you want to know that they’re going to be safe and comfortable at all times but choosing the right pushchair can seem daunting. The majority of people use a pushchair to get their babies from A-B, so you need to make sure you spend a considerable amount of time finding the right one for you. Use this 7 step guide to help you!

7 steps to choosing the right pushchair

Set a Realistic Budget 

Set a realistic budget for your pushchair. You’ll need to consider how long you expect to use it for, whether you’ll have any more kids anytime soon, whether you can sell it on afterwards, and more. Pushchairs are really expensive.

You could buy a small second-hand car for the price of some of them! But that’s because they specialize in keeping your baby comfortable and safe, and you can’t put a price on that. Set a maximum budget so you can begin looking at pushchairs in your price range as soon as possible.

Compare Models and Features You Like 

Compare the models and features you like before buying. Some pushchairs will come with extras for free, while you will have to pay for others. Make sure you work out what’s best for your budget. Pushchair footmuffs are a good addition for winter, but some models won’t come with them for free.

Do Your Research on Safe Brands

Do your research on the safest brands to put your mind at ease. Many of them are very safe, but there have been product recalls and stories that might make you think twice about buying from a particular brand. Knowing as much as possible before splashing out will really help you.

Read Reviews

If you have one or two models in mind, make sure you read reviews to see how other parents like them. Take these with a pinch of salt; everybody is different. However, if the majority of the reviews say the same thing, you know that you will likely think the same.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Will you want to take your baby off-roading through the woods in their pushchair? Or would you rather take them shopping? Consider your lifestyle and what you expect to be doing when you have your baby. Different pushchairs are good for different things, so be smart!

Pay Attention to the Size and Weight

You might be surprised at how large or heavy a pushchair can be. Make sure you pay attention to the model’s size and weight. Will it fit in your car? Will you be able to handle it? It might even help you to go and look at models in store so you can test them out.

How Often You Use the Car

If you use your car very often, make sure you can fit the chair in the back when you need to. It might also benefit you to go for an all in one travel system!

Use these tips and you’ll have the ultimate pushchair for your baby in no time. You can’t put a price on your baby’s safety!

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