28 November, 2015

Review: Infruition – Fruit Flavoured Water The Healthy Way

I was recently invited to try out these rather inventive water bottles from Infruition.

Infruition’s mission is to help people to drink more water naturally. The concept is simple: a standard re-usable water bottle with a chamber to store fruit, veg, herbs, tea – whatever you like, which over the day infuses your water with your chosen flavour.

Infruition kids bottles - Caitlin & Ieuan - motherdistracted.co.uk
Caitlin & Ieuan with their Infruition Kids bottles

I am not a big fan of manufactured, flavoured bottled waters, many of which contain Asparatame – a controversial artificial sweetener which is said to be responsible for a whole host of health problems such as Tinnitus.

Aspartame is what gives the sweetness to many diet drinks, yoghurts and low fat foods and it’s everywhere. The NHS refutes what it calls these scare stories but I’ll leave you to make up your own mind.

Infruition adult and kids bottles - motherdistracted.co.uk
Infruition Bottles

Infruition Adult Sport Bottle - motherdistracted.co.uk
The Adult Size Infruition Bottle

Either way, giving your kids the pure, healthy goodness of fruit has to be better than a cocktail of sweetners and additives.  And anything that encourages them to drink more water, such as these Infruition bottles, is a bonus.

The bottles are very sturdy and well made.  They are made from 100% BPA free plastic and stain resistant materials.

You can put the actual bottle in the dishwasher but the fruit chamber and caps need to be hand-washed.

Infruition Adult Sport bottle, lid, bottle & fruit chamber - motherdistracted.co.uk
The cap, bottle and fruit chamber

The bottles have a leak proof design and a well fitting lid.  The adult size bottles (700 ml) come in yellow, green, red and blue, and the kids’ bottles (450 ml) come in pink and blue.

The fruit chamber can be filled with a selection of chopped fruit.  We tried strawberries but you could add mint leaves and blueberries.  Or, you could try orange, kiwi and watermelon.  You could even add a herbal tea-bag for, say, a cold mint tea in summer.

Much better than sugary drinks

I felt that the bottles could have benefited from an instruction leaflet but there is a recipe booklet on the way which suggests delicious combinations such as cucumber, raspberry and grape, kale and avocado or even lemon and lavender. I am assuming this will be available when you buy the bottles.

Also there is a rubber bung in the lid which can be taken out and I am assuming it has to be in order to wash it but it wasn’t entirely clear.  The fruit chamber has to be screwed in to the lid with care, being made of a thinner plastic than the bottle.

You do have to turn the bottle so that the cap is on the side when you drink if you’re a glasses wearer.  (You know what I’m like about my glasses!).

Once the kids had drunk some water they wanted to get the fruit out and eat it, which was not a problem but it would mean dismantling the bottle when you’re out and about.

On the plus side, if my two drink more water and eat more fruit, that’s fine by me!

The adult Infruition bottle is £15.99 and the Infruition Kids bottles are £12.99. They are available on the Infruition website.

I think the bottles would make a great Christmas gift for the health-conscious family, or your favourite gym bunny.

You can find out more about Infruition on Twitter @InfruitionWater, Instagram @infruition.water or Facebook. @Infruition.

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