Teach Your Children The Real Spirit Of Christmas

The Christmas countdown begins earlier and earlier every year. The shops have already filled their shelves with gift ideas, wrapping paper and chocolate selection boxes. Don’t get me wrong it’s one of my favourite times of the year. I just get concerned that the true meaning of Christmas is getting lost in the mass advertising and commercial side of the holiday.

The advertising companies are clever and will target our children. This can often mean they are filled with sometimes unrealistic expectations. We all want our children to love Christmas, and there are some easy ways we can teach them what it’s really all about. You never know you may learn something new yourself.

Gift giving is a huge part of Christmas celebrations. Every child gets excited by the promise of gifts from Santa Claus. I’m sure being the wonderful parent you are, you undoubtedly shower your children with everything they desire. Not every child is as lucky as yours, and it’s important that your children realise how lucky they are. To teach them this why not introduce them to charity.

Encourage your children to sort through some of their toys from last Christmas. Explain to them, in whichever way you see fit that Santa sometimes doesn’t have time visit every child, and their presents get lost. Suggest donating their old toys to a children’s charity where they can be given to less fortunate boys and girls.

Better yet why not let your children make a Christmas hamper? Fill it with old and new toys and chocolates and donate it. They could also bake cookies or make Christmas cards for the residents at your local nursing home.

If you have the time, you can also volunteer your whole family to help out at an animal sanctuary or charity. Helping others will be an important thing to instil in your children, and they will love the extra responsibility you are giving to them.

Christmas should also encourage togetherness and quality family time. Instead of giving them just toys this year, why not give them the promise of a fun family weekend break or day trip. You could take them to the fun parks in Blackpool or a trip to your local safari park.

It will help you spread the cost and show your children that you want to spend quality time with them having fun. If you like, you can make some fake tickets to give to them on Christmas day, so they feel like it’s a physical gift.

You can also visit elderly family members and getting your children to play a game with them. Encourage them to get to know each other better by talking or playing together. It’s a wonderful way of bringing your family together and will make everyone feel closer. Plus the memories created will mean more than a toy ever could.

I hope these tips have given you some ideas you can use with your own children. Christmas is a wonderful holiday, and it’s a shame that the true spirit of it can get overshadowed. Spend quality time together with your loved ones and give back what you can. These are lifelong lessons your children will never forget.

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