Refresh & Rehydrate Your Kids With Robinsons

Kids do everything at 100 miles an hour and, in their haste to pursue the next shiny thing, or toy, or chance to make a mess, sometimes things like drinking enough fall by the wayside. Just getting them to stop for a glass of Robinsons squash can be a challenge.

Robinsons Sparkling Orange & Ginger - recipe -
Robinsons Sparkling Orange & Ginger

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We know that staying hydrated is vital for our health.  In fact, just a slight drop in hydration levels affects our brain and our performance. And, for school-age children, staying hydrated is even more important to give them the best chance to learn as much as possible.

So how do we encourage our kids (and the rest of our family!) to drink more?

Ideally, of course, the drink of choice would be water but, having regularly had to remove barely touched cups of water, it’s good that there is another weapon in the parenting arsenal.

Robinsons Squash is a regular item on the shopping list with eleven flavours including no added sugar varieties. Caitlin’s favourite is orange whilst Ieuan is an Apple & Blackcurrant fan.  They have to be different, don’t they? But there’s also Lemon & Mango, Orange & Raspberry and the more exotic Mango & Passion Fruit.

I drank Robinsons as a child too (yes I know that’s a few years ago), although I’m afraid it never improved my tennis.

Caitlin about to make her Robinsons drink
Caitlin about to make her grown up drink

This year Robinsons have a new recipe and are encouraging us to be a little more creative with their squash to encourage us all to drink more water in a tasty, easy to prepare way. All their squashes are now ‘no added sugar’ too.

So why not indulge your inner mixologist and see if you can come up with something a little more exciting than straight squash?

How about Warming Lemon & Ginger?  Robinsons Lemon with fresh lemon juice and finely grated ginger, served with warm water from the kettle?

Or, just right for Christmas, Mulled Apple & Blackcurrant? Apple & Blackcurrant squash with cloves, black peppercorns, star anise and ground allspice?  Just warm in a pan, simmer for 3 minutes and then set aside for 3 minutes to infuse.

Caitlin chopping an orange to add to her drink - Robinsons -
Don’t Worry – I Was Supervising!

Caitlin’s new twist on her favourite orange squash was to combine it with ginger ale for a bit of sparkle and a touch more zing. Well, actually it was Robinsons’ idea but I hadn’t the heart to discourage her.

Adding the Robinsons Squash -
Adding the squash

We used approximately 50 ml of Robinsons orange per glass and topped it up with sugar-free ginger ale and sliced of orange.

Adding the ginger ale - Robinsons -
Adding the ginger ale – other brands are available!

The drink was really refreshing and Caitlin really enjoyed having a hand in making a drink she found a little more exciting.

You could add a few extra touches if you wanted to with coloured straws, glace cherries on sticks (I’m going back to the ’70s here) or even a cocktail umbrella.  Strangely the latter seems to have vanished from supermarket shelves.  Can’t think why.

Caitlin drinking Robinsons Orange & Ginger Ale -
Caitlin’s “Orange Fantasy”

We’re looking forward to mixing up some more combinations – next on the list is a St. Clements with orange and sparkling lemonade and I’m looking forward to warming some lemon squash and adding some honey the next time someone has a sore throat.

Why not give some of your own blends of Robinsons squash a try?

To find out more about the Robinsons range you can visit

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