Throwing A Children’s Birthday Party? Read This.

Whether you’re planning for your own child or just helping out a new mum, birthday party planning can be an extremely stressful affair. You want every aspect of the day to be perfect from the icing on the cake to the colourful decorations. But planning such a momentous occasion in a child’s life does not have to be difficult.

Follow these tips and make it a birthday party to remember for all of the right reasons.

Choose a simple theme 

Having a theme is a very good idea as it can inspire the whole feel of the day. It can inspire colour palettes, games, decorations and even food, but only if it is simple. Over-complicated themes that are difficult to execute can take a lot of time and effort that you could spend elsewhere.

Consider what the child likes and dislikes to help you find a suitable theme they will love. Remember classic themes such as pirates or princesses always work and suit a wide age group.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you could hire party planners to organise a theme for you. They could also help you with invites and entertainment for the party, giving you more time to enjoy the process.

Get creative with food 

Who doesn’t love kids’ party food?  It’s just as popular with the grown-ups.  Whilst traditional options such as sausage rolls, pizza and sandwiches are always popular, you could create something more magical and inventive too.

You could use food colouring to dye the snacks and drinks your child’s favourite colour or a colour relating to the theme – making sure, of course that the colourings you use are natural and don’t contain any harmful additives for the little ones.  Beetroot, for example is great for pink / purple.

A princess party, for instance, would look great with icy pink, blue and white coloured food, whilst the colours of your child’s favourite superhero might be red and orange (Spiderman or Wonderwoman). You could also bake cupcakes that feature each of your guest’s names on in icing or chocolate. The children will get excited about finding which cupcake is theirs.

If you aren’t really into baking, you could hire an ice cream and candy floss cart or a burger van for the party instead. You can rename every food and drink provided with your child’s name or their favourite cartoon character’s names. This will make it more intriguing for the children and adults attending.

Make sure, of course, that you cater for vegetarians, vegans and anyone with allergies or food intolerances.  Add a line to the invitation cards or email asking parents or carers to let you know if you need to make special foods or snacks.

Decorations add the fun 

It doesn’t matter if you’re holding the party in a local hall or at home; it’s important that it feels fun and extraordinary to the child. Decorations are important for a birthday party and will highlight the theme you have chosen.

Balloons, bunting and banners are classic birthday decorations that are still just as popular. You can order custom and personalised banners online or you could get crafty and make your own. For instance, you could use large pieces of coloured paper to create oversized leaves and flowers. These will create a beautiful jungle atmosphere at your venue.

Whatever you choose, though, make sure the materials are recyclable and kind to the environment.  Remember that some coatings such as glitter are not accepted in your recycling waste and be aware of the dangers of things such as balloons and paper lanterns to wildlife and marine animals.  Natural is best, wherever possible.

Use Pinterest and party pieces magazine for inspiring and unique ideas to decorate and style your event and don’t refrain from making your own.

Children’s parties need to be fun so make this a priority in your planning. It doesn’t matter how many people attend, as long as everyone spends the day smiling and laughing.

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