My Favourite Posts Of 2015


I started off January in my typically upbeat fashion, bemoaning the plunging of the village back into un-fairy-lit darkness and, rereading the post, I can cheerfully (!) say that things are exactly the same this year.  Greyness?  Check.  Incomprehensible travel company TV adverts?  Check.  Celebrity Big Brother?  Check.  New Year’s Resolutions already bitten the dust?  Check. Oh well. At least we know where we all are.

It’s January – Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Fairy Lights

The Hobbis Family Christmas Tree 2014 - Christmas Decorations -
The Hobbis Family Christmas Tree 2014


In February, the four of us got crafty with the lovely people at Brecon Carreg and learned how to re-use water bottles in some fun craft projects.  Welcome to the World the rather terrifying Stewart the Robot and yet another Caitlin-inspired puppy called Lucy.

Water Way To Spend A Day With Brecon Carreg

Ieuan Hobbis drinking Brecon Carreg water -
Ieuan at the Brecon Carreg craft day


In March I shared what it’s really like to have your babies over the age of 40.  Would I change anything?  No.  I would have had them 10 years earlier if I could have, but life’s not like that, is it?

Having Babies After 40.  My Experience

Baby Caitlin born in 2007 - having babies over 40 -
Caitlin – born in 2007


On a lovely warm April afternoon we went exploring to one of our favourite places,  Dyffryn Gardens in the Vale of Glamorgan. We are lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful places to visit in South Wales.

Our Visit To Dyffryn Gardens


In May I decided to share a little more about the family.

A Bit About The Hobbis Family


In June my thoughts turned to the knotty issues surrounding female friendship and why, sometimes, our friendships can just die a death without a word being spoken.

Ever Dumped A Friend Because You Didn’t Feel Their Equal?


And in July I pondered on the fact that so many of us mums give ourselves a hard time once the long summer school holiday hits when, in reality, we’re all coping the best we can.

Mums – Struggling With The School Holidays Already?  Here’s Why You’re Doing Fine


In August we went exploring again and discovered a fabulous castle right on our doorstep at Caerphilly.

We Packed Our Imagination – And Went To Caerphilly Castle


The kids increasing love of iPads drove me to question whether technology is a force for good or evil in the family!

Technology – Does It Bring Families Together Or Push Them Apart?


The 21st October was “Back To The Future Day”, the day when Marty and Doc arrived in a future replete with every sci-fi gadget humankind could conceive.  Actually, they did get one or two things right but I contend that you can change your future in an instant, just by changing the way you think.

You Don’t Have To Go Back To The Future To Change Your Life Today


I always perk up at this time of year because I absolutely adore the run-up to Christmas, the lights, the shopping, the menu planning, the decorations – everything.  I also find people are generally nicer, happier and more approachable.  People you haven’t spoken to all year get in touch.  There’s a magic in the air.

Because there’s so much to do though,  I spend a lot of time writing lists.  My memory is not what it was!

Think You’re Forgetful?  I Took My Son To Start Nursery A Week Early


In December I wanted to remind everyone that we can make all our lives better if we would only concentrate on the habitual stories we tell ourselves – and write some new ones.  It is often not helpful to cast yourself in the role of villain or victim.

Want 2016 To Be Your Year?  Tell Yourself A Better Story

So there you have it, 12 of my favourite posts.  I hope you’ll stick around for 2016 and I’d love to know what you think about my writing.

I wish all of you a happy and healthy 2016.

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