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We all have our favourite holiday experiences. Building sandcastles on beaches, exploring rolling countryside and trying out exciting new things. Whether it was hang-gliding off a cliff, taking part in a spot of scuba, or just relaxing next to the pool, these are the memories we hold dear when we return to day to day life. In an ideal world, that is!

The Real Deal 

The reality of low-cost travel can often involve long delays, cancellations, and all kinds of other unpleasantness. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine moving at your own pace and arriving at a time that suits you. We all know the importance of keeping down the costs but we still want to be within reach of golden sands, lush forests, and amazing attractions! All of this is possible, and a UK holiday could be just what the doctor ordered.

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Try to forget about the old fashioned view of cramped, freezing tents. Modern holidays are a million miles away from all of that! In the United Kingdom we are blessed with some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe. For example, you would find that caravan holidays in Cornwall can offer everything from sunny beaches, to craggy cliffs and world famous landmarks.

Local legends

In some cases, familiarity can mean that we take things for granted. Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves of the great places that are all around us! Castles, centuries old. Sites of infamous battles, where thrones were lost and won. With a camping holiday you can be sure to have access to some pretty inspiring places, many with good transport options.

Breaks With Benefits

A long haul flight can be tiresome at best, and completely draining at worst. Once you have gathered your bags, made your connecting transfer and checked into the hotel you can feel frazzled and fried.

You don’t have any of these problems with a camping holiday in the UK. One of the best things about a camping trip is being around nature. Whether you are a seasoned tent jockey, or prefer the home comforts of a caravan, you will at some point be face to face with Mother Nature in all her glory.

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This could be walking through a wooded glen, the sounds of a babbling brook murmuring gently in your ear. It could be a scenic walk on a cool clifftop, the sea air filling your lungs. Whether you are inland or on the coast, there will be invigorating paths for you to tread and this can have some great health benefits. Being out in the sun will provide you with Vitamin D, which is known for maintaining calcium levels in the blood and keeping those bones nice and strong!

Basically, the fact that you are active and walking around, even if it is only to the local tea shop, means that you are getting some physical exercise. As we all know, physical activity has a huge area of positive effects. These range from weight loss, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and improved circulation.

So, maybe you should consider a camping trip for your next jaunt. With so much out there to see, isn’t it time you went exploring?

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