Will Doing Up Your Kitchen Help To Sell Your House?

The old saying is very true. The kitchen really is the heart of the home – even if, in our case, it looks like we’ve been hosting one very long party.

But, does renovating your kitchen pay dividends when it’s time to sell? Will it really add value to your home? Will it help to sell your home quicker?

Image credit:  By Mocolocco

It’s very easy to get ‘kitchen’ envy.  I love reading homes and gardens magazines and planning my dream kitchen which would include a new oven, beautiful granite worktops, one of the floating islands for us all to sit at in the morning and drink our freshly blended juices whilst sprinkling chia seed on yoghurt and sharing our family goals.

Yes, I jest.  A bit.

We put a new kitchen in the home I inhabited as a singleton with my overweight and sadly deceased cat Samson and we paid around £7,000 at the time.  There were no new white goods, just cupboards and worktops.  That was in 2008.

So, when we came across a showroom for one of the top kitchen manufacturing brands, I was intrigued to know how much a brand new kitchen would cost.

We wandered in whilst praying Ieuan didn’t fall off the precariously high breakfast bar chairs and Caitlin didn’t place an order with the staff for us (it’s been known).

Hobbis Family Kitchen - Kitchen Design - motherdistracted.co.uk
We need to rip out the suspended ceiling and rethink storage

I admired a white, Shaker-style set of units together with gleaming double-oven, wine rack and those clever corner units which allow you to reach all your pots and pans without dislocating a shoulder. The sales lady helpfully calculated the cost for me just so I could have an ‘idea of what to budget for’. I nearly fell of the nicely padded stool  £25,000 with fitting on top.

Much as we love our current home, we are hoping to move up one more time in the next few years to a house which has a bigger room for Ieuan so I can’t see the point in a whacking great investment like that when we are likely to leave it behind in the relatively near future anyway.

I used to think that adding a decent kitchen to a property might increase its value, but whilst it’s certainly one of the most popular home improvements, I’m not sure that’s true these days.  Basements, loft conversations and extensions seem to be more popular improvements, together with adding extra light.

However, “having a well-planned and thought out new kitchen will almost always add value and appeal to prospective buyers, allowing you to achieve a higher value for your home”, according to The Property Buying Company.

Either way, to install a brand new top of the range kitchen with a view to recouping the cost on the sale of the property seems to be risky. A better approach would be to make some minor upgrades such as replacing unit doors and tiles.

Hobbis Family Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Design - motherdistracted.co.uk
Stuff everywhere – it might need more than just a few minor adjustments to the design

Luckily there are some great sources of information online to help you with your kitchen design such as Homify which cleverly combines design ideas with products, professionals and even a community forum where you can discuss your renovation plans.  You can even search by style and popularity and create your own look book so that you can really keep up with the Jones’!

The most important thing, I think, is to create an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable and which caters to the activities you undertake the most frequently.

The Dormy—Kitchen/Breakfast Room : Accessories & textiles by Jigsaw Interior Architecture

The Dormy—Kitchen/Breakfast Room by Jigsaw Interior Architecture

I love the light, airy spaciousness of this kitchen, but the rustic cosiness of the one above. Light, neutral colours really open out the space.

Modern kitchen by Studio Maggiore Architettura

by Studio Maggiore Architettura

The space should really be set up to encourage the family to spend time together.  Even though this space seems quite narrow, it is still welcoming.  That table would be a great place for the kids to do their homework after school.

Bent Kitchen : Modern kitchen by Diane Berry Kitchens

Bent Kitchen by Diane Berry Kitchens

I love how the splash of lime green makes the space come alive.

Sentosa Beach House : Scandinavian style kitchen by Design Intervention

Sentosa Beach House by Design Intervention

I love the detail in the worktop and the light shades.

The great thing about sites like Homify is that they help you to crystalise in your mind what really works for you in terms of design.

You can then carry on your research and carry out your project management according to the budget you have set aside – even though if the TVprogramme Grand Designs is anything to go by, building in a safety net of an extra 20% or so would seem to be a good idea.

Our starting point is to get rid of the suspended ceiling and then we will start our redesign.

Just one of our many DIY projects this year.

If you’d like more ideas, try this post about Emma’s kitchen renovation project at The Halcyon Years.

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