5 Beauty Hacks For Glasses Wearers

You’ve probably seen the videos. YouTube is awash with so-called Beauty Gurus who claim to be able to solve your every facial “fault” with makeup.

But recently a new trend has emerged.

Many major beauty writers, bloggers, and makeup artists have begun discussing makeup techniques relating specifically to glasses wearers.

If you wear glasses yourself, you probably don’t have to ask why. Glasses can smudge mascara, move foundation on the bridge of the nose, hide beautiful eyeshadow and more.

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Womens glasses can be a beautiful, eye catching accessory but it’s easy to see how they can become frustrating.

If you love your glasses but hate what they do to your makeup, I have a few quick hacks to try.

1) Setting Spray 

Many people have a bit of extra redness around the nose area and choose to cover it with foundation or concealer. This can become a problem when glasses leave streaks or marks in all your hard work.

It’s common knowledge to apply powder over problem areas in the hope that it will fix the makeup in place. Sadly, this heavy powder can become cakey and look ageing.

Why not try a setting spray instead?

Not only do setting sprays fix your makeup in place, but they do so without adding another layer of makeup.

The effect of the vast majority of setting sprays is completely invisible, and they’re a great way to freshen up on the go.

2) Waterproof Mascara 

This is perhaps the most obvious solution. If we wear glasses or contact lenses, our eyes can sometimes become irritated. As a result, it’s natural for them to water occasionally but this can have disastrous results for our makeup.

Investing in a waterproof mascara and eyeliner can be a lifesaver.

Many women also find that emphasising the upper lashline is enough to make their eyes stand out.

Products added to the lower lashline are more likely to run and smudge. Add a feline flick on the upper lashline instead, or a few individual lashes for a special occasion.

3) Fix Your Eyebrows 

Make sure that your eyebrows are well-groomed and suit your face.

This is particularly important for glasses wearers. Glasses draw more attention to our eyes in some ways but can also swamp them in others.

Polished, flattering brows will frame the face and make sure our eyes remain a feature.

4) Eye Health 

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a makeup hack but it does still affect your makeup.

Chances are, if you can read this article you’re not struggling too much with your eye health. But don’t get complacent.

Make sure to get regular check ups and invest in eye drops if your eyes feel dry and irritated. Makeup will sit better on eyes that are fresh and healthy.

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5.) Bright lips 

If you feel your glasses already draw enough attention to your eyes, why not balance it with a brighter lip?

Not only will you feel more polished and confident, but it can be a great way to step into Spring.

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