Review: Surcare Sensitive Washing Up Liquid

We were recently challenged by Surcare to swop our usual brand of washing up liquid for Surcare Sensitive Washing Up Liquid – an anti-allergy washing up liquid.

Ieuan Hobbis & Surcare Washing Up Liquid - Surcare Help A Hand Challenge -
Ieuan – ready for the challenge

Well known for its gentle laundry products, Surcare washing up liquid is made for those looking for great cleaning without harsh chemicals. It has no added perfumes or dyes, is fragrance-free and has been dermatologically tested and approved.

Surcare Sensitive is an anti-allergy washing up liquid which contains nothing to irritate skin and, being prone to contact dermatitis from certain other brands, I was keen to return to the bowl and give it a go!

Let’s be honest, having a dishwasher is a luxury many of us have got used to but they are not always the most effective use of time and money if you only have one or two items to wash.

Plus, hand washing your dishes is a great way of training the kids in the gentle art of housekeeping.

Cue much muttering from the Husband that I don’t do any and the usual response from me that “if you think I don’t do anything then I’ll stop and you can see what the house looks like then”.

But I digress…

As part of the challenge, we had to pass on some ‘handy’ skills to the kids – giving them a helping hand since Surcare had helped ours.

We gave the kids a choice.

Having discounted car engine maintenance and making a puppy out of clay and buttons on the basis that the potential for mess was probably way above acceptable European Union standards, we chose two more peaceful activities.

My sister and I grew up in a piano-playing household – my dad is a piano teacher in his spare time and he has given Caitlin some lessons.  My sister went to Dartington Music College but I only ever managed to ‘play by ear’.  (I can still play a rousing version of “Men of Harlech” and “Onward Christian Soldiers” if anyone’s interested).

Caitlin Hobbis playing the piano - Surcare Help A Hand Challenge -
Caitlin practising her piano

So I spent some time with Caitlin trying to decipher the annotated music books my dad has given her.

My dad has a baby grand piano but the Husband bought me a lovely keyboard with bells and whistles a few years back.

Caitlin loves to switch on the church organ function and play everything in funeral, although admittedly peaceful tones.

Ieuan does not have his sister’s patience yet and, in any case, has been brainwashed by the Husband into liking shouty Viking rock.  (I feel another post on Tinnitus coming on).

He does, however, like to help out with some gardening and as part of the Surcare Help A Hand Challenge, we spent a lovely warm afternoon in our Capability Brown styled garden (um…).

Caitlin raked the leaves whilst Ieuan supervised.  Have you noticed how boys are very good at ‘supervising’ even at a very young age?

Caitlin Hobbis raking leaves in the garden - Surcare Help A Hand Challenge -
There’s plenty of work to do in the garden!

Eventually, his sister handed him the rake and told him to “get on with it”.  That’s my girl.

Caitlin & Ieuan Hobbis with mini bird houses in the garden - Surcare Help A Hand Challenge -
The kids have made birdhouses for some very small birds.

Then the kids added a finishing touch of two birdhouses, which anything bigger than a worm-starved linnet is going to struggle to get in – but they look nice.

We really enjoyed the challenge, not least because it involved time away from the iPads and some fresh air.  It’s too easy to let the kids slump on the sofa and play “ninja kittens burst balloons” or some such non-educational game.

And what did we think of Surcare Sensitive Washing Up Liquid?

I have used my main brand for many years but was really impressed by Surcare.  It did not irritate my skin at all and a little went a surprisingly long way.

Its cleaning power was as good as my main brand’s which I wasn’t expecting being suspicious of the efficacy of lots of the eco-friendly / anti-allergy brands.

It also doesn’t have a cloying fragrance which some washing up liquids do – and sometimes you even find that the fragrance lingers on your dishes after you’ve washed them.

If you are looking for an anti-allergy washing up liquid, you’ll find Surcare at all major retailers and the Hobbis family highly recommend it.

Surcare Sensitive Washing Up Liquid

Plus we’ve been reminded that there’s really no substitute for hands-on, if slightly messy, family fun.


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