Make Your Bay Windows More Beautiful with Curved Radiators

Bay windows are a delightful feature in any home but until now they have also tended to limit the number of heating options available, especially when it comes to fitting the right type of radiator.

Image by Thomas Heyman via Flickr

With the advent of the curved radiator, such concerns are truly a thing of the past. Curved radiators are well-designed and efficient and they also come with a dazzling array of colours, finishes and features that can really help lift a tired room to new heights.

Heating Problems Solved With Curved Radiators 

As many homeowners with bay or curved windows have realised, it can be very difficult to find a radiator that strikes a balance between functionality, aesthetic form and a minimal footprint.

Large traditional radiators look obtrusive and clunky and due to the unusual angles inherent with bay windows, they tend to be installed too far into the room, stealing precious space.

The ideal radiator placement is below the windowsill or as close to a wall as possible. Bay windows and straight-lined radiators have tended to make this difficult to achieve.

Curved radiators easily solve this dilemma because they have been designed to fit into spaces that are also curved. This non-linear solution is ideal because annoying dead space is no longer an issue and the room can also be properly heated and enjoyed as it should be.

A Look For Every Taste 

Curved radiators come in an incredible array of colours and finishes, meaning that there is certain to be something to suit every design situation. Whether your taste is classic and ornate, minimalist, sleek and streamlined or loud, bold and contemporary, the range of looks and materials on offer at Radiator Curving Ltd. makes it easy to find a perfect match.

Just a few of the finishes include subdued ivory, gold, copper and bronze metallic sheens, summery fresh yellows or stark blacks and charcoal greys.

Textured surfaces are also available that can help complement fabrics, furnishings and featured décor and there is even a pressed metal scrolled look that just oozes class and style.

Create A Cosy Reading Nook 

These beautifully curved radiators are so well-made that it would be a pity to hide them away but some people choose to do exactly that. With a bit of creative carpentry, many homeowners have built enclosures around their radiators which still allow their heat to be dispersed throughout the room, but also add an extra level of utility and flexibility to how the room can be used.

Reading nooks and window seats are a perennial favourite and coupling the right kind of radiator with the appropriate clearance and suitable timber, one can make a cosy seat over the top of the radiator right beside the bay window.

With adequate ventilation, such a set up can actually force the heat to be directed outwards instead of upwards and definitely makes for a toasty seat that takes the chill out of a cold winter’s day.

When seeking decorative heating solutions for bay windows, curved radiators are an innovation whose time has definitely arrived. These elegant and sturdy appliances will bring comfort, warmth and visual delight to any home in which they are installed.

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