New Baby Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Be Appreciated

When buying gifts for a newborn baby, it can often be a struggle to come up with something different. Everyone tends to give the same gift – rompers, teddies, bottles … But it’s nice to find something special that will be truly appreciated by the parents – and ideally make the early days of parenthood just that little bit easier.

My approach has always been to try to find things that the parents will need but won’t necessarily get as gifts from friends and family. A thoughtful gift like this can leave a lasting impression on the parents and who know, may even become a family heirloom for the little one.

So, if you are a bit stuck for the best newborn gifts, a good place to start is a baby gift box company where you’ll find a selection of baby hampers and boxes which will allow you to present to parents a mixture of gifts in one compact set at a reasonable price.

New Baby Gift Ideas

Here are some more ideas for newborn gifts:

MamaRoo Swing 

This creative gift has been designed to recreate the motion of a mum or dad cradling their baby. On a basic level, the MamaRoo Swing is a chair that has 5 speed settings so the baby can enjoy their sleep or get ready for play. You can also change the angle to a more comfortable setting for you and the child. On top of this, the chair comes with different sounds to help soothe and keep the little one entertained. It’s a fantastic all-rounder that achieves multiple things in one!

Baby bottle holder

A baby bottle holder is another inventive gift which encourages the baby to start feeding themselves from an earlier stage. This speeds up the development as they intuitively start to hold onto the handles and learn from their experiences.

Alphabet wagon blocks

No nursery would be complete without these! Get your babies playing and building all sorts whilst slowly familiarising them with the alphabet. You can also get blocks with animal images and numbers on if you wanted to think outside the box. This gift is something that lasts for years to come and can even be passed down the line!

Hooded towel made from organic material

Give the newborn baby nothing but the best. Anything organic will go down well in their parents’ books and, more importantly, will be kind to the baby’s skin too. These handy hooded towels keep the babies nice and wrapped up after a bath. You can find plenty of funky designs with natural and organic cotton.

Light-up Baby Rattle

This soothing gift helps babies enjoy their toy whilst gently lulling them into a peaceful slumber. Choose a rattle with lights and soft sounds to help calm the newborn and keep them entertained.

Hopefully I have listed some fun, quirky and different baby products that would be perfect for any newborn. The great thing about these suggestions is that they are slightly more unusual yet still essential gifts that parents and babies will treasure. So, make sure you remember this list next time you shop the baby stores online.


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