Tempt Your Kids Away From Their Computers With These Awesome Hobbies

So many parents complain about the amount of time their kids spend in front of screens these days! TVs, computers tablet devices all seem to control our kids. But it’s easy to tempt them away. You just need to persuade them to take up one of these awesome hobbies!

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Learn An Instrument

Not only will your child find learning an instrument fun but some studies show that it can help them improve in school. Most kids will learn the recorder in primary school, but you can also give them the chance to learn something in their spare time, guitars, violins and pianos are popular choices. A lot of parents get their children piano lessons as this is a simple instrument to start at a young age. It doesn’t matter if you have your own, you can always consider Piano Hire.

Horse Riding

Kids love animals, so see about getting them some horse riding lessons. Try and find a school that meets the standards set by the British Horse Riding Society and the Association of British Riding Schools. If a school adheres to these standards, they should award certificates that your child can work towards. Eventually, your son or daughter may even want to perform in local competitions. Many people think horse riding is an expensive activity. But, unless you buy your very own horse and rent stables, you’ll find lessons are very reasonably priced.


Did your kids love watching the Great British Bake Off? If so, they might enjoy getting creative in the kitchen! Not only can you create a lot of tasty treats, but baking together gives you a chance to bond with your child. If they are new to the kitchen or still very young, start them off with something easy like cookies. Once they become more skilled, you’ll be able to move onto things like a Victoria Sponge!

Arts and Crafts

Try and unleash your child’s artistic side by introducing them to arts and crafts. Sewing and model kits are popular with older children. Younger kids will be happier with just colouring in. One great idea is to spend a day creating superhero costumes together. You could help your kids crafting outfits that their favourite heroes wear. Or they can become completely new superheroes with unique superpowers!


Get your kids used to the outdoors by going for regular walks. Start off small and simply have a wander around your local park. If they seem to have a good time, gradually build it up. You’ll be going on morning walks with the whole family before too long! Make sure to pack some snacks and drinks in case the kids complain of hunger. You can always take a break for a picnic. One great tip is to take a small bag of stale bread with you. Then if you pass a pond, you can stop for a bit to feed the ducks!

Kids may be a bit reluctant to give up their screens to start with, but after a while they’ll completely forget about their laptops and tablets!

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