19 April, 2016

Review: The Aha! Factor By Marianna Cooper

As readers of this blog know, the self-help / personal development book genre is one of my all-time favourites and this latest addition to my library (AKA the book pile by my bed) is truly fascinating – Mariana Cooper’s  “The Aha! Factor – The Intuitive Guide For Getting What You Desire & Deserve“.

Mariana Cooper is a 3rd generation intuitive, thought leader and visionary mentor who has her own radio and TV shows, as well as hosting webinars that reach over 85 countries across the world.

She has also been an Angel Therapy Practitioner and a certified Advanced Medium with best selling author Doreen Virtue for over 10 years and has performed thousands of readings and coaching sessions.

In The Aha Factor, Mariana shows us how we use those random, momentary experiences of knowing to get in touch with our Aha Factor – that force which gives us the true direction we want to follow and which is best for us.

We’ve all had those “gut feelings” where something doesn’t feel right.  Haven’t you sometimes met somebody and just known they were either a friend for life or someone to avoid at all costs?  It would be very handy if we could tune into these feelings and come up with a strategy to use this inner knowledge to benefit us.

Mariana clearly outlines the tools we have at our disposal to do just this.  She teaches us how to tap into our own Energetic System of Communication (ESC).

This consists of our:-

One of the most chapters I found most interesting was one of 50 easily recognisable signs and symbols which help you to know that you are in touch with your Aha! Factor.

For example:-

The world whispers to us in many ways if only we would tune in – and that is what this book teaches us to do.

Do you listen to your gut feelings?  Do you believe in telepathy or signs for the universe?

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