11 May, 2016

Birthday Gift Ideas Your Son Will Love

Buying for a boy can be harder than girls. There just seems to be more choice out there for girls. From princess themed things to everything pink. While you shouldn’t gender stereotype there doesn’t to be much out there for boys. Especially older boys. So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some ideas for a birthday gift that your son will love.

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It may seem like a boring present to some. But vouchers can come from all different companies these days. You could stick with a clothing store or shop voucher. Which would go down well with an older boy, allowing them to pick some new clothes. Or you could go down a different voucher route. Things like experience days or Paintball Vouchers would go down well. Paintballing is something that can be a lot of fun for a group of people to take part, so that it could be part of a birthday party as well. Experience days offer all kinds of options from driving a race car to a hot air balloon ride. There will be something to appeal to your son.

Sports lessons 

Maybe your son has shown an interest in taking up a new hobby. Perhaps something like boxing or football. Maybe even street dancing or hockey. Whatever it may be you could buy a block amount of lessons so that they can try it out. They may fall in love it and it could be a new lease of life for them.

New clothes 

If you know your son’s style then why not pick out some new clothes for them. Again it may be perceived as a boring present, but everyone needs clothes. You might want to indulge them a little and buy something designer. If that is their thing of course.

Games console 

A lot of boys these days like to play online on a games console, so if your son needs a new one, then a birthday is a perfect occasion to get one sorted. Some boys tend to play online with their friends from school.

Games for a games console 

If they already have the latest games console, then some new games will always go down well. There is always some new release available.


If your son is a bit of a movie buff then why not get them some new DVD’s to enjoy. You may even want to go one step further and get them a DVD player for their bedroom. As much as you will want to spend time with them, it would be nice for them to have somewhere to watch their films and enjoy them in peace.

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The latest gadget 

Finally, you could consider the latest gadget to hit the market. That may be the newest phone, an iPod, some fitness device that tracks their steps. It could be anything. There is always something new and exciting to on the market, and some boys can’t get enough of the new technology.  It depends on your budget, of course.

I hope this guide helps you buy a birthday gift for your son.

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