Review: It’s Time To Make A Stand4socks – Socks That Make A Difference

Whether it’s Christmas or Father’s Day, one of the most popular presents to give your dad is some new socks.

Stand4socks Child Health Sock -
Like my socks?

Now socks are a bit of a battleground in this house, not least because the Husband and I have very similar sized feet and this makes his sock drawer fair game.  Men’s socks are so much comfier I find.

All the Husband’s socks are black with varying patterns.  (He’s a man of habit).  He claims, outrageously, that I deliberately mismatch his socks as an act of marital defiance.

The thing is, matching 20 pairs of black socks in a dimly lit room wearing the wrong glasses is likely to create the odd, um, interesting pairing.

Dressing in the morning in the various London hotels he hides in all week means playing what he terms as “sock roulette”.

Anyway,  I recently discovered a brand of socks which should solve my sock myopia nicely – and a brand, moreover, that has charity at its heart.

Stand4socks sells unique socks designed by entrepreneur Josh Turner.  Each pair is ethically made and creates a connection between two people in the world, as each sale has a ‘buy one, give one’ impact.

This means that when you buy a pair of socks, instead of giving a pair of socks or a percentage of the purchase to charity, the company gives a measurable, tangible aid in the form of education, food or medicine.

Not only this, but the company also raises funds and gives away nearly 20% of its revenue, not profit, to the charities they support.

Stand4socks is committed to tackling social causes and supports the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

Each sock design supports and raises awareness of a different cause such as Gender Equality, Measles Vaccinations, Clearing Landmines or the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

The socks have the cause’s logo on the ankles and are ethically made in two sizes UK 4-8 and UK 9-12. They have a high-quality finish with a reinforced heel and toe and are made of 80% cotton, 18% polyamide and 2% elastane.

Here are some examples of what buying a pair of Stand4socks can do.

1 pair of Stand4socks can

– plant 20 trees
– vaccinate 6 kids against measles in Bangladesh
– provide 25 days of education in Afghanistan
– provide 2 antenatal check-ups in Uganda
– clear 2 metres of landmines in Laos
– provide entrepreneurship education in South America
– pay for a child’s healthcare in Uganda
– provide 2 weeks of education to a Syrian refugee
– provide 24 hours in a safe house for a woman and her family in Ethiopia

The socks are priced differently according to the cause they are linked to.

I was sent a pair of socks designed to raise awareness of Child Health Issues which are priced at £6.99.

Stand4socks Child Health Sock -
Time To Stand4socks

This design helps support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3, “Good Health” through one pair of socks paying for a child’s healthcare in a Ugandan unique children’s hospital Stand4socks supports.

More than half of the Ugandan population is under the age of 15, and dying children are turned away for parents without any money. This is why the brand supports (Stand4) Whisper’s Magical Children’s Hospital in Jinja, Uganda.

Isn’t that a wonderful idea?

Does it make a tangible difference?  Well, in December 2015 as an example, Stand4socks planted 2500 trees, vaccinated 228 children and provided 252 days of education of Syrian refugees.

Stand4socks December impacts -
This is what Stand4socks helped to do in December 2015

This Fathers’ Day, if you’re buying dad socks why not buy him some which do good as well as keep his feet warm.

And they’re so brightly coloured I don’t think there’s any danger of the Husband having to play sock roulette.

I may even actually buy a few pairs of my own.

You can find more information and select your socks on the Stand4socks website.


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