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I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Always Discreet®. I received free samples from P&G. All opinions stated are my own. 

If there’s one issue which unites many women and yet is rarely discussed, it’s having a sensitive bladder and coping with the occasional leaks that come with it.

Always Sensitive Bladder - two women lying on the bonnet of a car laughing
There’s nothing like letting your hair down and having a good laugh

It’s a problem which is very common after childbirth and as we enter our later years when our bodies naturally change as we get older. In fact, more than 40 million women of all ages in America alone experience bladder leaks, ranging from those who are middle-aged or menopausal, to those who have been pregnant or are overweight or diabetic.

And in the hot summer weather, it’s even more of a challenge for us to stay dry and fresh at the times when it’s most important to us whether at work or on holiday, attending a summer wedding or graduation ceremony or even a hot date.

Having a sensitive bladder also affects your choice of wardrobe – one-pieces, playsuits, jumpsuits – anything it takes an age to get out of is a no-no and you can hardly wear your sexiest underwear or anything in a light, bright colour.

My bladder has always been sensitive. It’s a family joke that I am unable to travel more than 20 miles without needing a toilet. And the Husband is now very familiar with most of the motorway service stations between Cardiff and Plymouth whilst he would think nothing of travelling the length of the country without stopping for more than 5 minutes and a quick coffee.

Having a love of tea and coffee (both diuretics) really hasn’t helped either but I have managed to kick my Diet Coke habit (which is another bladder irritant).

I was doing fine until I had kids. I had two caesareans 18 months apart and whilst I was blithely confident that, despite this procedure being a pretty hefty piece of surgery I would recover entirely, I suspect that the pregnancies themselves have left a legacy of a bladder which is prone to leak slightly when I cough, sneeze or if I go for too long without a loo break.

I know that some women experience a slight leakage when they laugh as well and I have occasionally had this problem. Mind you, the Husband says I have suffered a catastrophic sense of humour failure since having kids and it certainly feels like that some days!

Exercising is another activity which can trigger a leak, again, if I haven’t had a loo stop before starting the class.

Products from the Always Sensitive Bladder range
Two of the products in the Always Discreet range – there’s also Always Discreet Pants

Now it’s very difficult to predict when you are going to cough or sneeze, and you can’t always get to the toilet in time. Ordinary panty liners are just not up to the job but Always Discreet have a great range of products designed with women’s needs in mind – providing incredible comfort, protection, discretion and odour control, with a full line of pads, liners and underwear, specifically made for bladder leak protection. You really don’t want to go out feeling as if you’re wearing a nappy.

The Always Discreet Liners are incredibly thin yet very absorbent

Always Discreet absorbs leaks and odours in seconds – and the best part is that they’re so comfortable and surprisingly thin, you will barely feel like you’re wearing any protection at all.

Research shows that only 1 in 7 women are using the right protection, with lots of us relying on period protection which just won’t handle the job. Always Discreet on the other hand has a super absorbent core that turns liquid to gel in seconds, to help keep you dry and fresh.

The Always Discreet Pads are wrapped just like sanitary protection

The OdorLock™ Technology neutralizes urine odour instantly and continuously whilst the pads and underwear also have Soft Dual LeakGuard barriers™ which offer incredible comfort and protection to help stop leaks at the leg, where they happen most.

The Always Discreet Pads offer the extra reassurance of Soft Dual Leakguard barriers

Using proper bladder protection means that rather than worrying about the odd leak, you can focus on enjoying yourself. It’s pretty miserable, isn’t it, having to plan days out (particularly with the kids in tow) to ensure the right number of toilet stops ‘just in case’ or carrying extra pairs of knickers stuffed in your handbag.

Always Discreet helps you to cope with the natural body changes that are part of being a woman so that you are not held back from the activities you love.

Always Discreet products are available in all major supermarkets and pharmacies and larger department stores in the incontinence aisle (if only there were a nicer word for it!).

You can also find them on Facebook.

Do you suffer from a sensitive bladder?  Share your story below. The more of us who open up about this problem, the more women like us will have the confidence to address the problem.

And with Always Discreet, no matter what’s happening, you’ll be able to #LaughAllYouWant.

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Always Discreet®. I received I received free samples from P&G. All opinions stated are my own.

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