5 Reasons To Consider A Custom Made Dress

Have you ever considered investing in a custom made dress? This summer the stores are awash with a huge number of dresses and there is something for every budget but if you are looking for a really unique dress, why not consider having one made – or, if you are gifted with a sewing machine, making one yourself?

5 reasons to consider a custom made dress

Here are 5 great reasons to create your own dress

1.  Fit

Nothing fits like a custom made dress.  I remember the joy of having my wedding dress fitted to every curve. There is such a variation between dress sizes in the major UK retailers that the perfect size in, say, Wallis, won’t be the same in Zara.  I find Wallis clothing cut on the larger side and Zara cut on the smaller!

No such problems with a made-to-measure dress which can be nipped and tucked around the waist or adapted to cope with those areas where we girls carry a little extra sometimes – hips, tum, thighs and bottom.

These days it truly does not matter what size we are but it does matter that our clothes fit. Kim Kardashian is a brilliant example of this.

2. Comfort

The other huge benefit of getting your clothes tailored to fit is that they are simply more comfortable to wear. I have tried numerous support garments and most of them have been so uncomfortable I couldn’t wait to get rid of them.

Many celebs, of course, rely on their Spanx control pants to hold everything in place and many UK retailers offer their own ranges of shapewear.

Incidentally, I am still looking for a strapless bra that stays up and gives sufficient support so if you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments!

3. Fabric

When the latest collections hit the shops not only will you find similar styles but also broadly the same fabrics.  Lace and Denim have both been huge this summer and these fabrics have been everywhere.  And it looks like the popularity of lace will continue into AW17.

But what if you love the dress but hate the fabric?  There’s no reason why you couldn’t have the dress made in the fabric you love, perhaps in something cool and silky, like satin.

4. Uniqueness

Of course one of the major benefits of having a made-to-measure dress is that you can create something truly unique.  There is nothing worse than attending a posh do to find someone is wearing exactly the same dress as you – especially if they look better wearing it!

With a custom made dress you can add your own embellishments, bows, buckles, buttons, jewels, the works.  You can also adapt the length to the one that suits you best.  For example the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate always wears her skirts and dresses just below the knee so that she looks appropriate but not frumpy.

Having a unique dress is a real asset when you attend a prom or graduation ceremony. Or how about when you are the Mother of the Bride.  Of course, wedding dresses tend to be unique or at least quite rare since they can be such a high-cost purchase but having a civil wedding ceremony or perhaps being an older bride might lead you to source a custom-made dress that better reflects your personality and more mature style.

Credit:  Mitch

5. Cost

You might think have a made-to-measure dress is an expensive luxury but whilst you are unlikely to wear your wedding dress more than once, you may find your custom-made clothing is better value because it fits, is more comfortable and you will enjoy wearing it more.

I have several evening dresses in my wardrobe I haven’t worn again, either because they are no longer in fashion or because they were uncomfortable to wear – slipping straps, hems that touch too long, a colour that just doesn’t go with anything.  It’s so easy to make a rush purchase when that ‘do’ is a few days away.  I also find it difficult to find the right shoes and outer garment.

Having a custom made dress makes you focus on these points before the cloth is cut and if you calculate the true cost of a garment on how many times you wear it, you’ll find that, like me, you have some very expensive pieces already hanging unloved in your wardrobe!

There has been a definite resurgence in the popularity of sewing thanks to programmes like the BBC’s “The Great British Sewing Bee” and my Facebook timeline is full of avid knitting and crochet fans.

My mum used to make summer dresses for my sister and I.  Perhaps it’s worth giving a bit of home-couture a go!

Do you make your own clothes or have you ever had something special made just for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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