20 July, 2016

Online Antenatal Classes For Dads

When I was pregnant with Caitlin and Ieuan, the Husband dutifully accompanied me to antenatal classes at our local hospital. We were lucky that Llandough Hospital is situated just up the road from us and that the Husband was able to find the time to attend.  We found that antenatal classes for dads are just as important as they are for mums-to-be.

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I appreciate that lots of prospective parents may not be so lucky and I think it is easy for fathers-to-be to be left out, or rather for them to not feel part of the pregnancy until the actual birth.

I was really interested to discover that Dean Beaumont, an award-winning antenatal pioneer and author of the best-selling book ‘The Expectant Dad’s Handbook’ (published by Vermilion) has launched an online video course of antenatal classes especially for dads-to-be called DaddyNatal Online.

This unique new ten-part video-based pregnancy and parenting course is perfect for busy men who might not have time to attend all the classes or perhaps just need a bit of extra guidance and reassurance.

The ten easy-to-follow video tutorials are presented by expert Dean Beaumont and they give a road map for the journey from conception through to the challenges of looking after a newborn.  Dean has a very easy, down-to-earth style of presenting which should make even the most nervous of prospective fathers feel a lot more comfortable.

The prospect of having a new baby on board can be exciting, emotional and, let’s face it, pretty terrifying. but daddynatalonline.com provides a raft of useful information from what to expect at each trimester of pregnancy, do’s and don’ts, Dad’s role in labour and even tips on what to pack for the hospital.

It also explores strategies for coping with worries and fears about becoming a dad along with key techniques for improving the birth and adjusting to bringing a new baby home.

Included in the course are:-

– A detailed introduction and overview followed by ten online video tutorials
– Downloadable reference sheets and quick quizzes to aid learning
– Advice on what to expect during pregnancy
– What if things don’t go quite to plan
– Packing for the hospital – top tips
– Dad’s role as The Protector
– Dad’s role as Advocate
– Working out birth preferences
– Insights into dad’s role during labour, and how you can improve the birth
– Bringing baby home!

As Dean Beaumont says “daddynatalonline will help you to have a positive impact on your baby’s birth so that you don’t have to feel like a spare part. You’d train for anything else in your life so why not have the proper training for becoming a Dad”.

My thoughts exactly.

DaddyNatal Online is available for £49 at www.daddynatalonline.com.

Did your partner attend antenatal classes with you?  Do you think antenatal classes for dads are a good idea?

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