Party planning – Unusual Entertainment Ideas That Will Get Your Guests Talking

From the venue to the catering, to the decorations, there’s no escaping the fact that it takes a lot of forward-thinking to plan the perfect party. One of the main elements of any successful soiree is entertainment. Unless you get it just right, your attendees could be left feeling less than impressed, so it pays to think outside the box.

To ensure that your next party goes down a storm, here are three unusual entertainment ideas that are bound to get your guests talking.

A murder mystery dinner

For entertainment with a difference, a murder mystery dinner could be perfect for your next party. When they’re done properly, murder mystery dinners can keep your guests amused and entertained for hours, acting as the focal point of the whole evening.

Over a meal, your guests will be immersed in a dramatic storyline, with the main aim of trying to work out who’s to blame for the ‘murder’.

Instead of attempting to arrange this type of entertainment yourself, it pays to enlist the help of professionals. For instance, experts the Murder Mystery Collective use West End actors to bring their plots to life

A flashmob dance troupe

To really surprise your guests, why not arrange for a flashmob dance troupe to perform? A flashmob is a group of talented dancers who will seemingly spontaneously carry out a choreographed routine, usually to loud, upbeat music, and then leave just as quickly as they appeared. The whole sequence is unexpected and exhilarating, and it’s sure to create a real buzz among your guests.

For example, if you’re hosting a large dinner or ceremony in a function room, you could arrange to have the dancers disguise themselves as waiting staff to get into position, for them to then suddenly burst into dance.

As long as your venue has a sufficient amount of space, a flashmob troupe could be ideal for your next event.


Aerial silk performers

If you’re keen to thrill your guests, you could book some aerial silk performers.

These highly skilled performers use the support of nothing but long pieces of fabrics and their own strength to carry out breathtaking stunts and routines while being suspended in the air.

Whether you arrange to have one acrobat or a group perform, aerial silk artists will undoubtedly leave your guests awestruck and impressed.

All that is required from you is that your venue has reasonably high ceilings. You can then leave it up to the act to put on a show-stopping performance.

Looking beyond the party ‘norm’ is key if you want to organize an event that’s going to get your guests talking.


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