Preparing For Your Daughter’s Prom

I’m sure you’ve seen photos and Facebook statuses of beautifully dressed teenagers attending their prom recently. I know my niece, Georgia, looked gorgeous. If it’s your daughter’s turn next year, here’s how you can help her to prepare for her milestone event now.

As parents we understand that our daughters like to have a say in their life decisions! From the time when she ate her first candy floss, to the time she learned to park the car, the bond between you has only grown stronger over the years. It’s great to have those special times when you can grow even closer to your children, and prom time is surely one of those. Your daughter will be nervous, excited and will also want your help to make this moment a special one. You can help her by starting to plan as early as possible to give you both all the time you need to prepare and budget.

Spring next year will herald the arrival of prom time in high school. She will soon enter into the world of ‘grown-ups’. She will soon take her first step towards adulthood. So, what should you do to make her at ease? How should you help her? Will she need your assistance or not? Well, the answer is yes for, apart from calming her and giving her confidence that she will look beautiful during her prom, you should also help her to choose the best on-trend dress to suit her figure.

Finding the right dress is crucial as it is an integral part of your daughter’s prom experience and it’s something you can do together. Last minute shopping is never advised as your daughter will need plenty of time to select her special gown. Your daughter will love it if you can help her to select from the stylish collection of 2016 prom dresses. Give her advice while she’s checking some dresses; make sure she is confident that the dress fits perfectly too.

You could also check the latest trends and also what the celebrities wore at the red carpet. Ask about your daughter’s preferences and advise her on dresses based on her body type. Don’t forget to ask about their school’s prom dress code, too. Is there a theme? Does she want a royal, a mermaid or a princess look? Select a dress based on her preferred color; maybe she wants to wear her favorite aqua, coral or ivory. Also ask whether she wants to wear a gown, two-piece dress or perhaps a ball gown.

Before you choose any dress, check relevant social media pages and read reviews about prom dress stores. You can check out Prom Dress Shop to view their collection and read tips and reviews when you visit their Facebook page.

Here are other items to keep in your checklist:

• Accessories: Choose accessories that complement with her dress
• Shoes: Should be comfortable and must go well with her dress
• Hairdo: Check whether she will require a professional to do her hairdo
• Nails: Manicure and Pedicure
• Gloves
• Intimates
• Purse
• Boutonniere
• Essential makeup products

Whether you are looking for Sherry Hill or Jovani dresses, you will get all major designer dresses at You will also find all your queries answered in their FAQ’s section.

A prom holds a special place in a family’s memories. It is a moment where beauty, anxiety and confidence are felt all at once in your daughter’s life. She should feel flawless, gorgeous and confident after the hard work she has done to make her prom the best time of her life.

Make sure you take care of this moment and cherish it with her. By supporting her and sharing your views from your own experience of approaching womanhood, she will understand that you are as excited as she is for her and her new life.

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