Rome Or Paris? Which City Of Love Should You Visit?

Rome and Paris are both known as great romantic cities. Of course, Paris is arguably the “official” “City of Love”. But does it deserve the title?

Here’s a quick comparison of the two cities for those of you who can’t decide which one to visit for your next vacation!



The architecture of Paris is much more modern. During the nineteenth century, the entire city underwent a massive overhaul. It was reinvented, becoming more spacious and featuring more contemporary design. It is frequently updated to this day. It is, after all, a metropolis competing with the likes of London, Tokyo, and New York City.

Many, of course, will prefer this. But Rome is much more classic in its architecture. Most of the city hasn’t changed much, from a structural standpoint, in hundreds of years. This, of course, is exactly why people will prefer it. The very name “Rome” drips with fascinating history!



Both of these cities have incredible parks. Rome is filled with government-preserved open spaces. These parks are themselves filled with spectacular classic art and sculptures. Perhaps the most beloved in the city is the Villa Borghese gardens, which is the third-biggest park in Rome.

The parks in Paris aren’t so densely occupied by artistic feats. You’re more likely to see larger, greener areas filled with more flowers and vegetation. They make for a good contrast from the rest of the city, which is usually filled with hustle and bustle.




The quality of the accommodation available to you in either city is, of course, impeccable. These are two of the most beloved vacation destinations in the world, after all! They have a big industry for catering to people seeking getaways that are luxurious in the extreme.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t affordable accommodation, of course. But if that’s what you’re after, then you definitely have a better chance finding it in Rome. Paris, like the other cities I mentioned earlier, isn’t exactly known for its budget accommodation. Rome is a lot better in this regard. Rome vacation rentals are not hard to find, and you’ll come across far fewer “premium” price tags.


The weather

You may think that the weather couldn’t possibly be that different across these countries. They are, after all, right next to each other. But thanks to whatever freak miracle of science compels it, Rome is noticeably hotter than Paris.

The average highest temperature in Paris is about 15.5°C, compared to a potential 20.5°C in Rome. The latter averages at about 15.6°C; Paris averages at about 12°C. It’s not really for me to say which is better, exactly. Some people look at high temperatures and run away. Others will see temperatures nearing the 30s and start booking their vacations right away. If you prefer more sunshine and heat, then Rome is for you. When summer comes round, it’s a scorcher.


Final thoughts

Ultimately, how can one make such a stark choice? Both of these cities are amazing and definitely worth visiting. Ultimately, it really depends on what vibe you’re looking for. Those who want a more relaxed and historically-deep vacation should check out Rome. Those who want more “cool” and metropolitan vibes should check out Paris. Either way, try to find some time in your life to see both!


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