The Hobbis Family Summer Holiday Bucket List

Caitlin and Ieuan break up from school on Wednesday and, as usual, I have managed to leave it to the last minute to compile a list of things for us to do – not that there aren’t oodles of ideas from my fellow bloggers to keep us busy all year long!

How hard can keeping them occupied be?

I asked Ieuan this morning what he fancied doing (Caitlin just wants to play with Shopkins) and he gave me his best 7-year-old shrug and said something which sounded suspiciously like ‘iPad’.

Anyway,  I have started the list with the proviso that, since the Husband and I have not become millionaires since last summer, the kids will actually have to use some brainpower and do that radical 1970’s thing of entertaining themselves from time to time.

This means they may even experience that character-building thing called boredom but it didn’t kill us, did it? And I still maintain that having to make your own fun is the best way to stimulate creativity in any age group.

Superheroes are now so last year

Practically speaking, no parent has the time, energy or money to take the kids out every single day so it’s going to be a compromise between the odd day trip here and there, our week sojourn to Devon and passing the time at home without killing one another.

I love the summer holidays, don’t you?!

Have kagool, will travel

Here’s where I’ve got to so far on the list and if you can think of anything an eight and a seven-year old might enjoy, please tell me in the comments below.

  1. Biking around Cosmeston Nature Reserve and exploring the medieval village
  2. Getting Caitlin to finally get the hang of her Heelys
  3. Picnic at National Trust Dyffryn Gardens
  4. Go to the funfair at Barry Island (there’s a ghost train!)
  5. Put the paddling pool up (and kiss the lawn goodbye for yet another year!)
  6. Eat ice creams on the pier at Penarth
  7. Explore the beautiful Westonbirt Arboretum
  8. Go sand-dune surfing at Merthyr Mawr
  9. Explore our local castles at Cardiff, Caerphilly and Raglan
  10. Walk up The Garth (and then progress to Pen-y-Fan)
  11. Hire tricycles and cycle along the Cardiff Bay Barrage
  12. Search for sea glass at St. Mary’s Well Bay, Lavernock
  13. Sign up for our local library reading challenge (this was Ieuan’s suggestion – amazing!)
  14. Bake bread with Taid (my dad loves impromptu cookery sessions with the kids)
  15. Visit our local museums at Cardiff and St. Fagins
  16. Stick a two man tent up in the garden and have a camping dummy run
  17. Go to Bath on the train and then take a boat trip on the river
  18. Bake a cake (with me this time).  I’m OK with cakes…ish.
  19. Visit Rest Bay at Porthcawl and the fair at Coney Beach
  20. Play football on our local common
  21. Go on an expedition to find Dinas Powys Castle.  (Yes we have one).
  22. Go pond dipping at Porthkerry Park (supervised by the wardens of course)
  23. Play crazy golf in Cardiff St. David’s Centre
  24. Pick our own strawberries at Hendrewennol Fruit Farm and the Maize Maze
  25. Hold a movie night with popcorn and hotdogs
  26. Host a sleepover (never done this before so will have to check my nerves will hold)
  27. Explore Llandaff Cathedral and have tea and cake at the local teashop
  28. Visit Bristol Zoo – the location for most of my school trips
  29. Go bouncing at Go Air trampoline park
  30. Get the kids rock climbing at Boulders Indoor Climbing Centre
  31. Get the kids to earn some pocket money by setting up their own restaurant and charging the Husband and I to eat
  32. Helping with the housework (nothing wrong with learning a few lifeskills)!
  33. Washing the car
  34. Making jewellery – I’ve promised Caitlin will get some jewellery making tools and restring some of my old necklaces
  35. Watching Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit and Star Wars.  Probably on repeat.
  36. Have a games night – Junior Monopoly, Cluedo, all the old favourites
  37. Ieuan wants his bedroom repainted so he can help his dad with that
  38. Go skimming stones at The Knap Beach and have fish and chips on the way home
  39. Practising our videoing skills by recording another gripping episode of Caitlin and Ieuan’s “The Hulk & Puppy”.
  40. Playing hide and seek.
  41. Oh, alright, Pokemon Go IF THE DAMN THING LOADS!!!
  42. Visiting their Aunty Judy’s new kitten, Willow.
  43. Making home-made birthday cards with Nanny
  44. Going to Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean
  45. Taking a boat on the river at Symonds Yat
  46. Reading some of the children’s classics like Black Beauty and The Wind in the Willows
  47. Making home-made ice lollies
  48. Helping with the garden, collecting leaves and weeding
  49. Vacuuming. (What do you mean it’s not fun?)
  50. Playing the piano with Taid – and me if I can remember how to sight read

So, there’s quite a few things on my list already this year and I’m hoping we tick off quite a few of these.  I’ll buy the kids a scrapbook each so that they can record their adventures and they can make a memory box to keep any special souveniers they collect along the way.


Do you know, I’m actually quite looking forward to it.


What’s on your family summer holiday bucket list?

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  1. Sarah-Jane Carter
    24 June, 2018 / 1:52 pm

    I am definitely going to do most of these things with my step children over the upcoming holidays x

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