23 July, 2016

The Ultimate Kids Party Planning Cheat Sheet

There’s nothing like organising a children’s party to raise a parent’s stress levels.  As your kids grow, their capacity for mischief and mayhem grows exponentially and what was considered a fun time in the past is now very ‘last term’.

Image Credit:  Clive Reid

We’ve found that the number of parties has tended to reduce, or rather parents can no longer afford to entertain the whole class.  In any case, friendship groups are forming and changing and as classes are split, best friends tend to change quite often.

London-based party organisers Twizzle have created this very useful cheat sheet which I am able to share with you here.

Caitlin and Ieuan are now 8 and 7 and have left the soft play party behind them but I much prefer it when parties are organised at the weekend rather than in the middle of the school week. Plus, if they have too late a night we all pay for it the next day!

The current trend here in Cardiff seems to be either Quasar, trampolining or football, with make-over parties for the girls still going strong.

Kids parties are certainly not cheap and there is no reason why you have to fork out lots of cash when, weather permitting, a summer picnic or winter barbeque on the beach might do.  If you’re brave enough to host a party at home you have my heartfelt admiration and if the idea fills you with terror and your child isn’t overly fussed on a formal birthday party, why not have a family tea and then spend the cash on a couple of day trips of your child’s choice?

Anyway,  here’s Twizzle’s guide to hosting the ultimate, age-appropriate kids party.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

The Ultimate Kids Party Planning Cheat Sheet

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