The Best Secrets Of Combating Parent Tiredness

It’s no secret that having kids is tiring. However, parents do have plenty of secrets for how to combat that tiredness. If you’re getting ready to have your first child, you’re probably worrying about the lack of sleep. I bet just about everyone you talk to says something about enjoying your sleep while you still can! It can be pretty annoying having people remind you of your impending sleepless nights all the time. But if you learn some techniques to deal with the tiredness, you can be smug in the knowledge that you’re going to be ok. You can’t avoid the fatigue completely, but here are some ways it could help.

Get into a Routine ASAP

Sometimes this is easier said than done, but routines help immensely. It can take a bit longer for some babies and children to get into a routine than others. However, the main thing is that you try to keep up the routine on your end. Feed them, bathe them and play with them at the same times. Plan to do any housework or other jobs at consistent times too. It can be tricky with newborns, as they’re very much on-demand when it comes to everything. But eventually, you will fall into a pattern that will make it easier for you to get some proper sleep.

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Make Sleep a Priority

New parents are often told to sleep when their baby sleeps. However, many complain that when the baby is sleeping, they have too much to do. The key thing to remember is that sleeping should be a priority – even over doing the hoovering! If the dishes can stay in the sink for another hour, leave them there while you have a nap. You can try to allow yourself time to catch up on lost sleep too. If you’re co-parenting, try letting each other have a lie-in on separate days at the weekend. You then each get a chance to get some extra sleep and to spend the morning with your baby.

Use a Pick-me-up

Sometimes a little something to perk you up can work wonders. Some parents turn to supplements, such as Wayk, which contains caffeine, vitamins, and minerals. If you’re breastfeeding, you might be staying away from caffeine. However, anyone else could benefit from adding a supplement to their diet. You could use other little things to boost your mood and energy levels. It might be some peppermint tea, a piece of chocolate, or a quick shower.

Get Active

Moving around might be the last thing you want to do when you’re tired. But being active can wake you up and stop you feeling sluggish. If you’re feeling trapped in the house, pack up and get out in the fresh air. You might even enjoy a parent and baby exercise class or just a walk with some other parents. It will help you to wake up and make sure you have an awake and alert child too.

There’s no way to avoid being tired completely when you’re a parent. However, you can find ways to give yourself more energy and stay awake.

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