Review: Gross Magic From Drumond Park Games

As we all know, despite trying very hard to monitor the appearance of all things gross and bottom-related, there’s nothing kids enjoy more, with the exception of making their friends and family even more disgusted.  We were delighted, then when we received a Gross Magic Set for the kids to try.

Gross Magic by Drumond Park
I’ve 2 sets of Gross Magic to give away

Gross Magic by Drumond Park is a highly entertaining magic set with a difference – it’s best not attempted on a full stomach.  It’s a set of props to help kids carry out 39 funny magic tricks involving poo, cockroaches, veins, loose teeth and all manner of yuk guaranteed to create shouts of “yuk!”.

The set comes with an informative guide to help kids carry out the tricks.  Gross Magic is aimed at kids over 8 and even so, some of the tricks will need an adult to explain how to carry them out.  There are a number of small parts in the kit which definitely makes it unsuitable for younger kids – for example, dummy teeth and cockroaches!

Contents of Gross Magic Set Inside The Box
The Contents Of The Magic Set

The tricks are split into groups according to the props they use – a dustbin, sponge bogies, veins, bogie paddles and other accessories like the cube and the telepathic brain.

Of the 39 tricks in the instruction booklet, 31 of them need the Gross Magic props but the remaining 8 can be carried out without them using things you may have in the house.  The one I like most is pretending you have a toothache and then spitting out tic-tac mints to pretend you’ve lost your pearly whites!

Or, even more revolting, pretend your eye has burst with the aid of one of those little sealed pots of milk some cafes give you for your tea.  I won’t break a magician’s confidence but you can probably guess how it’s done.

Gross Magic was just the right level for Caitlin (nearly 9) but there was plenty to keep Ieuan (7) happy – including some disgusting brown slim and pretend veins.

The instruction booklet has some great tips for aspiring magicians (don’t tell everyone how it’s done) so that the tricks can be carried out as professionally as possible.

And with Halloween coming up, Drumond Park’s Gross Magic would be ideal to kick off the party games – adults will enjoy it too – or if you have the stomach for it, the set would certainly make a change from charades at your Christmas party.

I think I may use the Tic Tac trick anyway.

Drumond Park Gross Magic costs around £19.99 and is available from Argos, Tesco, Amazon and major toy stores.

Ieuan doing the vein trick from Gross Magic
Ieuan pulling out his veins

Are you a fan of Gross Magic?

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