10 September, 2016

Feeling Too Mumsy? Fashion Tips For Mums

It’s quite common for ladies who have had babies to begin feeling ‘mumsy’ after a while. In some cases, they feel out of touch with themselves. They forget who they were before they had a baby! They also want to wear clothes that keep them as comfortable as possible, and this sometimes mean sacrificing style. You don’t need to worry about this anymore. These fashion tips for mums will help you!

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Invest In Some Awesome Shapewear

If you’re self conscious of your body after having a baby, invest in some awesome shapewear. You can wear this under anything, from your going out dresses to your casual wear. If you really invest in a good brand, it should be comfortable enough to wear whenever you like. It’ll smooth you out in the right places and help you to feel more confident. When you look for things like Debenhams offers and coupons, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Define Your Personality And Buy To Suit It

If you want to get your style back and stop dressing like a ‘mum’, define your personality. Maybe your personality has changed a little from when you were younger. That’s fine! Just work out what it is. Are you a bubbly lady with a love of pink and cute animals? Then buy a pink jumper with a bunny on it. Obviously that won’t be everybody’s ‘thing’, but you’ll be much happier when you wear clothes that suit your personality.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Not only do you need to consider your personality, but your lifestyle too. If you spend most of your time out of the house, then you’ll want durable clothing that will keep you comfortable. If you’re in the house a lot, it doesn’t make sense buying a ton of pretty dresses!

Know Your Body Shape

If you want to feel your best, knowing your body shape and dressing for it can make you feel amazing. You could show off more of your waist with dresses that flatter your figure, for example. There are plenty of guides on this online. However, you should know that if you like something, you should wear it! There are no strict rules, and you should feel free to wear anything that calls to you.

Black Always Wins 

Black clothing can look great, but you need to make sure you’re doing it right. It can hide a multitude of stains, flatter, and be perfect for mums. Just make sure you include different textures, to stop the outfit looking drab. Making sure you balance it with your fit can help too.

Use Accessories To Finish Your Look

Don’t forget accessories to finish your look. A waist belt, watch, or statement ring could make all the difference. Even the most boring of items can be dressed up with the right hardware!

Don’t lose who you are just because you’re a mum. Celebrate your style and personality and you’ll feel great every day! Do you have tips you like to use when dressing? Leave a comment!

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