16 September, 2016

Getting Your Kids Ready For University: Here’s How You Can Help

Now that all the kids are back at school, university students will be going back to their studies within the next month or so. Do you have a child who is going off to uni for the very first time? They might be quite apprehensive about the whole thing.


One thing is for sure, though; they will certainly be extremely excited! If they aren’t all prepared for moving to university, it is probably time that you gave them a helping hand. Not sure how you can help? Here are my top tips.

Explain How To Budget

It is extremely important that your child knows how to budget properly once they go off to university. It could be their first time being completely independent of you. And without anyone to help them with their money, they could end up blowing it far too quickly! So it will certainly pay off if you sit down with them and talk to them about the importance of budgeting. Make sure that they reserve enough money for rent each month. And they should think about how much they need for food, and set this aside. Explain that they now need to be sensible with their money. Otherwise, they might not have enough to last them until their student loan is paid into their bank account!

Teach Them To Cook

There is one way to make sure your child doesn’t survive off expensive and unhealthy takeaways at university. Offer them cooking lessons! If your child already helps out in the kitchen, then you might not have to spend too long teaching them some important tips. However, if you child doesn’t cook much, you may have to spend some time ensuring that they know the basics. Make sure that they know which basic ingredients they should always have in their kitchens, and the simple meals they can cook with them. Why not get them a student cookbook as a leaving gift?

Help Them Move

If your child is going to a university quite far away from home, it is a nice idea to help them move. After all, they may not be able to take their car to uni for the first year while they are in halls. You can pack up most of their belongings into your car. For any bulky items, think about using a special courier service such as shiply. If the drive is going to be a long one, you could spend the night over somewhere. Enjoy some final time together before they enter the big world of university!

Chat To Them

If your child is nervous about university, it could help to have a quick chat to them about how they are feeling. This can help to settle their nerves. It could also help to explain about your own experiences at university. They might be working themselves up about little things such as the laundry. Be sure to talk to them well in advance so that they don’t get too worried and anxious.

Hopefully, you will be able to give them plenty of support in the run up to uni!

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