Children’s Book Review: The Little Boy Who Lost His Name

As parents, we all know how important it is to spend quality time reading to our children.  It’s a chance within a busy day to create a safe space and a pocket of time just for parent and child to bond over a shared story.

And what better way to make the story even more special than by giving a child a book that is personalised with a message just for them?  It adds an extra bit of mystery and fun.

As we go towards Halloween and start to focus on all things mystical and spooky, younger children may prefer a story that is a little less scary and a little more magical.

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name fits the bill nicely. (Or The Little Girl …)

This lovely story is about a child (boy or girl) who loses their name and goes on a magical journey to find it. They find their name again by being given each letter by a magical or mythical creature – and when the letters are put together their name is spelt out.

So, for example, on Ieuan’s journey, he meets an Imp, an Elephant, a Unicorn, an Aardvark and a Narwhal whale.

I would say that the story is suitable for children up to about Ieuan’s age (7) but probably better suited to children a little younger who are just beginning their reading journey.

The book can be further personalised on the front page with a letter from their parents (or a message from the giver of the book which would make a lovely Christmas present, or a non-sugary Halloween gift).

It also comes in a beautiful paper wallet to keep the book in good condition.

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name is independently published and produced in as environmentally friendly a way as possible.

The story has really resonated with parents and children and the book has sold over 1.7 million copies in 176 countries.

The book retails at £19.99 with free shipping worldwide and you order and customize online at the Lostmyname website.  You enter the child’s name and gender, pick an avatar that reminds you most of them and enter your dedication.

A preview is then generated for you to check and approve before checking out.

Although the price isn’t cheap, the quality is superb and the book is really designed more as a special keepsake with a personal touch. I think it would even make a lovely Christening/naming gift to be kept for the special moment when bedtime stories begin.

Before settling down for the night with Yoda (who needs lots of early nights because he’s 900 years old apparently), Ieuan remarked that the dedication in the front was “really cool” and he enjoyed the story.

High praise from a 7-year-old.


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