A Hobbis Family Halloween

We love Halloween and this year it was made all the more special by seeing the burning of The Wicker Man at St. Fagins (National Museum of Welsh Life) on the Sunday.

Wicker Man St Fagins Cardiff, Halloween 2016


When the wicker man burns you are supposed to make a wish and the crowd were asked to scream as loudly as they could to repel evil spirits for the forthcoming year.


Caitlin at Wicker Man Burning, St. Fagins, Halloween 2016


Ieuan at Wicker Man burning, St. Fagins, Halloween 2016


Hobbis Family at Wicker Man burning, St. Fagins, Halloween 2016

I love decorating the house and the kids were on red alert for trick or treaters but this year we only had 2.  I know lots of people really don’t like this tradition – particularly since it can be scary for the elderly, younger children and pets but it is nice when you find fellow Halloween enthusiasts!

2 pumpkins, Hobbis Family Halloween 2016
The Husband and kids did a great job of the pumpkins this year


Skeleton in hat and shoes, Hobbis Family Halloween 2016
Mr Bones announced he needed a holiday


Hobbis children with Nain Brooks, Halloween 2016
The kids with my mum, Kay


Ieuan in Grim Reaper fancy dress, Halloween 2016
Ieuan as the Grim Reaper


Caitlin in gothic bride fancy dress, Halloween 2016
Caitlin as a gothic bride


Linda Hobbis in Zombie Bride fancy dress, Halloween 2016
I’m a zombie bride


Hobbis children with Taid and Nain Brooks, Halloween 2016
The kids with my parents, John and Kay.

I always think it’s important to take every opportunity to celebrate the yearly events in the religious calendar or those times which were marked by rites and rituals by our Pagan forefathers.  Life goes by so fast and it’s good to make some memories, isn’t it?

When you’re an older mum, like I am, you are very conscious of the passage of time so these times have an additional significance.

Did you celebrate Halloween?  What are the events which mean the most to you?  I’d love to know.

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