Home Maintenance Tips for Everyone

When it comes to home maintenance, a lot of things are taken for granted. We live our day-to-day lives not thinking much about how to better take care of things that value the most. And that is especially true for our homes, since we spend almost two thirds of our lives in them.

Think of it as cutting your costs and making your life more productive, and also more enjoyable. So here are the most important things to do from time to time, so that your home is always in tip-top shape.

First of all, start from the interiors. If you feel a slight breeze inside even though your windows are closed, try fixing the frames, sealing them, and changing the screens if they are broken. This might affect the heating system as well, and help your house be warmer and more pleasant.

Also, air filters in your air-conditioning need to be clean at all times, so wash them at least once a year, preferably at the end of spring, and make sure they are serviced from time to time. This may prevent allergies with your family members, as can keeping the house clean and free of insects.
Make sure your extinguishers are working, and change them if you need to.

Inspect your plumbing in the house. If the water runs slowly, that is extremely easy to fix. Keep your sink clean, and use vinegar or chemicals when you need to clean kitchen sink disposal. Your range hood filters also need to be free from grease.

If there is a space in your house that you do not use regularly, make sure to run water there every month or two. This also includes flushing the toilet in the room. For water to be soft and not harmful to your body, use salt and add it at least once a month.

At least twice a year give your home a full treatment – a whole weekend of dusting, mopping and vacuum cleaning. Pay special attention to refrigerator coils, as when they are clean, your fridge runs more smoothly and spends least energy.

At this point you could also remember to pay attention to the exterior. If everything seems to be in order, check exterior drainage and clean the gutters. Clean the garage, it is usually full of things we do not need in the house, so we easily lose track of what is inside it. As soon as it is done, focus on the plants.

Any trees you might have around your house should not interfere with electrical cables, and also, trim your garden fence and you will get rid of unnecessary dead plants. This will not only help house exterior look better, but it will also prevent weed from growing between the bricks or in small cracks around the house.

Roof is another important thing on your check-list, as it needs to be free of damage, cracks, holes and leaks at all times. Chimney is also important to keep clean, as it keeps your house safe from all the harmful effects of gases. Check it at least once a year.

Then comes the patio, which usually does not require more than a solid wash every now and then
The pool requires more attention, so check your Onga or Davey pool pumps (check this page if you want to buy some good ones) for damage once in a while. Finish with driveway for cracks, and then your to-do list of things to keep your house in good order is done.

With these tips, you will be ready to tackle most troublesome home issues without even calling a handyman!


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