I Got My Bright Little Sparks Crafting For Bonfire Night

On dreary autumn afternoons, a family crafting session is a great way to spend some quality time together. We love the colours of autumn and it’s fun to bring back beautifully coloured leaves or shiny brown conkers from our walks.  The reds, browns and oranges make us feel all warm and cosy!

And of course these are the colours both of Halloween Pumpkins and the dancing flames of a bonfire on November 5th – which this year is on a Saturday so we can all go to our local firework display.

Armed with a box of gorgeous crafting supplies and our trusty Bostik White Glue, Glue Dots and Glitter Pens, I challenged Caitlin and Ieuan to create a firework display scene and they’ve been arguing about who’s is the ‘sparkliest’ ever since!

Caitlin’s bonfire features crisp autumn leaves whereas it looks suspiciously like Ieuan’s sacrificed a chicken but I’ve learned not to challenge their artistic integrity for the sake of peace and quiet.

What I love about the Bostik products is there’s no mess to clear up afterwards and the glue is strong enough to cope with paper crafting.

Glue Dots are a genius alternative to glue for little ones – simply peel off the backing and leave a blob of glue exactly where you need it.

I love autumn because you are surrounded by fabulous crafting materials – apples, pine cones, nuts and seeds, hedgerow plants like Old Man’s Beard, cinnamon sticks – the list is as wide as your imagination.

And for those of you swamped by your children’s craft projects and too sentimental to throw any of them away?  Simply photograph them and upload them to iCloud, Dropbox or Onedrive so you’ve always got a record of your kids’ artistic genius, without sinking slowly under paper, card and glitter.

Happy crafting!

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