Safe Journey – Essential Tips For Family Car Safety

Most people these days have a car if their finances allow and it must be extremely difficult to cope with a young family if you don’t. But, as our cars are so important for a smooth-running family routine, it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, and your driving is up to scratch.

There are lots of things you can do to keep your family safe while driving. Read on to discover what they are.


It can be very distracting when you are trying to drive if your little ones are screaming or asking you lots of questions. That it why it’s essential to keep them entertained, especially on long journeys.

There are quite a few ways you can do this, and some of it will depend on your views on entertainment, and some of it will be related to what your kids enjoy.

The first idea is an in-car DVD player. This works by hanging two mini-screens over the back of the front two seats. Then the kids listen to the audio through headphones so they are quiet and happy, while you take care of the driving.

If you are not too keen on just plugging your child into a media system, then you can provide them with colouring books and reading materials instead. Just make sure that reading doesn’t make them car sick!

Car Seats

One of the most essential items for child safety in vehicles is a car seat – and these are of course a legal requirement.

These not only help them to be boosted up so that they can see out of the window, but they perform an essential safety function as well.

Car seats allow your kids to sit in the best possible position to preserve their safety if there is any kind of accident. There are new EU rules on the car seat that have come out this year, so make sure you are up to date with them, by reading the information here.

Child Locks

Child locks are a fantastic way of ensuring your little ones’ safety in the car. When you activate them, it makes sure that your children can’t open the door from their side.

This works well if they are still very small and don’t understand when it’s safe to have an open door. It also stops any accidental door opening that could cause a safety problem.

Car Maintenance

Something that is imperative in car safety is making sure that your vehicle is well maintained. Having a valid MOT certificate is a legal requirement and you’ll also need one of these to take out car insurance. Cars are complex machines these days so it’s worth getting your car regularly checked and tuned up to avoid a hefty repair bill when your MOT inspection comes around.

Things like brake pads, oil and water levels need to be monitored as they can affect the safety of the car’s handling. It is important you find a mechanic who is a specialist in the make and model of car that you have to help you maintain your vehicle. There are even search sites set up to help you find a specialist mechanic like


It’s also a good idea to have rules for behaviour when the kids are in the car. They need to be reminded that they shouldn’t poke their head through the gap in the front seats or try to take their seat belt off while the car is moving.

Sticking to the rules will keep them safe and ensure your attention isn’t distracted from the road and other drivers.

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