19 October, 2016

What Will You Do With An Extra Hour When The Clocks Go Back?

This year the clocks go back at 2 am on Sunday 30th October.  This means, for those of us with children, that our kids will get up at exactly the same time and the extra hour will be spent, at least in our house, either watching Power Rangers or playing Minecraft.

Ah, how I remember with fondness my single days when the clocks going back meant a blissful extra hour to snooze and snuggle under the duvet.

So how will you be spending the extra hour?

Elizabeth Shaw, makers of some of my favourite chocolates suggest that one way to use the extra hour profitably is to practise thoughtfulness, to do something nice for someone else and reap double the benefits of that extra time.

Actually, for frazzled working women and mums everywhere, I’d suggest the best way to use the extra hour is to take some time for yourself.  

Many of  us are completely hopeless at treating ourselves with the same care and loving attention we give the rest of the family.

We make tea and full fry-ups for our partners and kids.  We chauffeur our footie-mad offspring to football pitches and then stand freezing on the side-lines whilst bellowing encouragement.

We drive kids to swimming pools where the noise made by the boisterous swimmers is so loud that it makes our teeth rattle.

Some of us do the dimly-lit commute to face the Great British Public in shops, bars, call centres or to tend to the sick at the forefront of our National Health Service.

It’s always inspiring to read about “random acts of kindness” and “paying it forward” but, as the saying goes, you need to breath deep from the oxygen mask yourself first in times of crisis if you are to help others.

There’s no denying that doing good things for others makes us feel good ourselves though.  Whether it’s paying for the coffee of the person behind you, letting someone more laden down, bedraggled and knackered have the first taxi or leaving a book you’ve loved stashed somewhere with a note saying “please read me and pass me on”, there are lots of ways to spread a little happiness.

But you know what?  If you’re feeling a bit spent and in need of a little loving R&R, I’d get the family to make your favourite breakfast or just brew some fresh coffee for you.  They can run you a candle lit bath or get you some chocolates to accompany your coffee.

For many of us 2016 has been an unremittingly tough year and I always treat the movement of the clocks, either forward or backwards, as a time to stop, reassess and find something to look forward to.

Writing a list of things to be grateful for, of things you love and appreciate in others and then sharing that list may be one of the best ways to spend that hour.

There’s never as much time left as you think so we all need to use it wisely.

And, should the thought of all the darkness make you feel a bit gloomy, there’s always scented candles, wine and, of course chocolate to see you through.

I have a fabulous hamper of Elizabeth Shaw chocolate worth £50 to give away to one lucky winner.  Simply enter via the rafflecopter widget and let me know in the comments below this post how you plan to use the extra hour on 30th October – and whether you have ever experienced a “random act of kindness”, or whether it’s something you practise yourself.

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