9 November, 2016

Is Your Kitchen Ready For Entertaining?

Is your kitchen ready for entertaining? Whether it’s the approach of the festive season, a romantic Valentines Day meal or a special anniversary or birthday, if you enjoy hosting then you may already be planning a celebration to bring everyone together.  You might be feeling especially brave and planning to involve the kids in your dinner party too!

Selection of buffet food laid out on white plates on a table - planning a celebration
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But before you send the invitations out, you need to make sure that your kitchen is all ready for entertaining and hosting guests. Do you think yours could do with a bit of improvement?

Here are some useful tips that can help you get your kitchen up to scratch.

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Update Your Kitchenware

Cooking appliances, crockery and bakeware can quickly become dated. Unless you are going for a vintage style in your kitchen, you should update any old-fashioned items in your kitchen. Not only will this do wonders for the look of your kitchen, but you will also find that they are a lot easier to use. And new cooking appliances will help you cut down the time you spend in your kitchen. Meaning you will have a lot more time to mingle with all your guests!

Get Rid Of Clutter

I’m sure most of us have a lot of clutter on our kitchen tops and dining table. It’s because it easily gathers on these surfaces! Especially the likes of letters, bills and important paperwork. So before you start cooking for your dinner party, make sure you quickly tidy up all of this clutter and remove it from your kitchen.

It is also important to tidy your kitchen work surfaces once you have taken all the clutter away. Keep them neat, and you will have plenty of space to prepare your food. They will also look very tidy to your guests!

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Clean Your Fridge

Your fridge will be used a lot during the dinner party. Even by guests who could be going in there quite a lot to top up their glass of white wine. So it is very important that the inside of your refrigerator is looking clean and tidy.

If you are placing a lot of dishes in the fridge ready for the meal, make sure that the door shuts tightly. It is also a good idea to check that none of the food is blocking any of the air vents. Otherwise, the refrigerator could quickly heat up.

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Take The Bin Out

You don’t want a nasty smell to put your diners off their meal, so remember to take the bin out before anyone arrives. It might also be worth cleaning out the bin itself with some strong disinfectant. After all, no matter how careful you are, there is always the chance that some food has escaped out the bin bag and made its way into the actual bin!

Make sure you have plenty of extra bin bags as well. The rubbish will quickly pile up during a dinner party, and you might have to even take the bin out half-way through the meal!

Once you follow these tips, your kitchen will be all ready for you to entertain. And if you are planning a celebration, then your guests will certainly be impressed!

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