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When you get to a certain age, particularly around the menopause, or perhaps after surgery or medical treatment, you may find your beloved hair starts to get thinner and that your scalp starts to make an appearance.

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There’s no denying that it’s hard enough for a man to lose his hair but there is a far less social stigma about male hair loss than there is for hair loss in women.

These days there’s no shame in talking about this issue and there are more and more treatments available to help cope with this distressing condition.

Did you know that nearly 40% of women experience some form of hair loss by the age of 60?  But you need to be sure of the cause.

Women’s hair loss may appear at times of hormonal change and is identified by overall thinning as opposed to a more patchy loss.

Common causes of women’s hair loss include: starting or stopping birth control, having a baby and just before and after going through menopause.

Women rarely go completely bald but the end result is a visible decrease in the density of the hair in the affect areas.

Folione Anti Hair Loss Products

Also, there’s a difference between Alopecia and the kind of hair thinning which may be only temporary – for example after you have had a baby.

With Alopecia, the reason for the hair loss is thought to be a sensitivity of your follicles to the hormones in your scalp, in particular, the hormone DHT (Dihydro-Testosterone). This is why treatments for female alopecia include DHT blockers, and antiandrogens, just like the treatments for male hair loss.

If you are suffering from this distressing problem, you should talk to your GP for advice and support but there are products that can help with thinning hair.

I have discovered one such range of products from folliOne who offer a range of treatments including Growth Stimulators, Anti Hair-loss shampoos and liquid hair nutrition to help maximise hair growth.

I tested two of the three following products, the anti-hair loss shampoo and liquid nutrition.

folliOne Growth Stimulator for Women

Folione Growth Stimulator for Women

This non-alcohol based formula is designed to gently strengthens your scalp, allowing the ingredients to penetrate the scalp without evaporating or crystallizing.

Diaminopyrimidine Oxide, one of the main active ingredients in folliOne Growth Stimulator For Women, has been shown through clinical research to disrupt 5α-reductase activity and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production, these two substances are linked to hair loss.

It also contains Oxothiazolidine Carboxylic Acid to stimulate new hair growth and prevents further hair loss, and it also delays the ageing of the skin in the scalp.

folliOne Shampoo for Hair Growth and Recovery


Folione anti hair loss shampoo

This shampoo is formulated to stimulate hair growth and prevents hair loss whilst supporting a healthy scalp, new hair follicles, and the growth of hair cells.

It reduced sebaceous secretion from the scalp (oil in the skin) and targets dandruff caused by hair loss. It is also designed to enhance the body’s ability to prevent the recurrence of scalp itching, irritation, redness, and flaking.

This is quite a runny shampoo with a strong medicinal smell and it is quite strong and rather drying. This is what it is designed to do though! You will need a conditioner and possibly some conditioning hair products afterwards.  Because it is strong, I would caution against using it on coloured hair – certainly freshly coloured hair.

It does contain the magic ingredient that seems to be the latest buzz word in preventing female hair loss – caffeine and the product is not tested on animals so full marks for that.

I found that this shampoo boosted the volume of my hair and did not irritate my scalp or my skin. In fact, I found my facial skin looked smooth and had more of a glow which is an interesting side effect!

I think it is certainly worth persisting with if you can find a way of conditioning your hair afterwards.

folliOne Liquid Hair Nutrition for Hair Growth


Folione Liquid Hair Nutrition

folliOne Liquid Hair Nutrition is a daily dietary supplement designed to give your hair the essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and protein it needs for normal growth.

You can take it on its own or mix it with fruit for an easy smoothie.  It has a pleasant orange taste and the daily dose is 15ml which you can drink straight down – far easier than taking bulky pills.

As well as the usual vitamins you would expect to find, there’s biotin, iodine, folic acid and selenium. It is certainly a specific blend rather than a standard liquid nutrition supplement and it is a more powerful way of getting these vitamins and minerals than ingesting them from natural sources.

To give you an idea, you would have to contain 750mg of amino acids from your foods to get the same benefit as 15ml of folliOne Liquid Hair Nutrition.

You can find more information about the range at  You can also find help and advice about hair loss at

Have you tried FolliOne hair loss products?  Share your experience in the comments below.


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  1. 18 February, 2019 / 10:02 am

    I am one of the loyal consumers of folliOne Liquid Hair Nutrition and I can say that this product helped my hair go back to its normal state. Six months ago, I suffered from hair loss after giving birth to my second child and the after-effects of it was devastating. I didn’t expect that this product was the answer to my hair dilemma. The volume of my hair went from thin to thick. I am satisfied with the outcome.

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