Unleashing The Colour With Chalkola Markers

Chalkola Markers are a fun range of pretty unique markers that you can use on non porous surfaces. If you’re bored with just colouring on paper and card and want to decorate some different materials, these are a great way to do it.

Chalkola Markers - Party Colours and Earthy Colours

The kind of non porous surfaces we’re taking about are chalkboards, whiteboards, glass, plastic, windows and mirrors.

Why non-porous surfaces?  Because porus surfaces have small holes in them which can absorb the liquid chalk ink and it can be difficult to completely erase your work of art.

Mug inscribed by Chalkola Marker
It’s possible to leave subtle messages for your other half

Mug inscribed with I Love U with a Chalkola Marker

In any case, it’s always best to test the surface you’re about to decorate just in case and it’s worth noting that, although the markers can be used on chalkboard paint, paint tends to make the surface porous and absorb the ink so be careful there.

Chalkola Markers contain high-density chalk ink and you do have to prep each marker by shaking it thoroughly for 2 to 3 minutes and then pumping the nib until the ink starts to flow.

Caitlin with inscribed water bottle saying drink me
My subtle reminder to Caitlin that she needs to drink more water.

The colours are well worth the effort.  We tested the Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers in 10 party colours with a 6mm bullet tip and the Chalkola Earth Color Series Set of 8 Earthy Colours with a 5.5mm tip.

We tested on a variety of surfaces which the kids found enormous fun, not least because it felt a little like graffiti – still it’s OK for Banksy, isn’t it?

The markers are very versatile and we tested them on plastic, ceramics (a mug and a plate) and a mirror.

Mirror decorated with Chalkola
So much fun – but I wouldn’t unleash your kids without supervision!

Best of all, once you are tired of your creation, a damp cloth wipes it all away (or you could use a window or glass cleaner).

Caitlin’s favourite artwork was her plate which I am now under strict orders to put on show in a cabinet somewhere.

Caitlin decorating a plate with a Chalkola marker

If you would like to try the markers, you can find out more at Chalkola.com and on Amazon.

Caitlin holding plate decorated with Chalkola markers
Caitlin’s finished masterpiece

We’re planning to decorate more plates and some ceramic pots.  I’m hoping Caitlin will be the next Orla Kiely or Cath Kidston!


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