7 Ways to Make Your Christmas Budget Go Further With Voucher Codes

Having saving diligently all year using the Skint Dad 52 Week Saving Challenge, it’s with mild horror that we are finding our Christmas fund really hasn’t gone very far at all.  How do you make your Christmas budget go further – that’s the question we are asking ourselves.

It’s difficult to know how much is enough and then we did not factor in the cost of late Autumn birthdays.  Caitlin is in November, my nieces in December and January and my nephew in December too!

Woman in white jumper holding a Christmas star-make your Christmas budget go further

This is without buying anything for the Husband or anything particularly luxurious for Christmas dinner.  I’ve made the cake this year (thank you Mary Berry) and will be making Jamie’s Christmas Pudding next week.

So without going mad, it’s time to look at ways to save on our Christmas shopping and voucher codes are a very good way of doing this.

Do you remember to check whether there is a live voucher code every time before you buy online? You should, not least because codes change so quickly and it’s easy to miss a great offer.

Caitlin has had some new clothes for her birthday but now Ieuan has announced he wants to look ‘cool’ so project ‘update Mr Ieuan’ is in progress.  He did ask me for a tattoo yesterday at which I draw the line and I have explained that sunglasses at the school Christmas party might look a bit odd.

Both Caitlin and Ieuan are growing so fast that their wardrobes need a regular sort through. When they were babies I used to bid for clothing bundles on eBay but now they are older (and more fashion-conscious), I can’t get away with it like I used to.

So I tend to rely on merchant voucher codes for major high street retailers using websites such as topcashback.co.uk, making sure I use the link on the voucher code website to enter the retailer’s site.

How to make your Christmas budget go further with voucher codes

Here are 7 other ways to make your Christmas budget go further with voucher codes.

#1 Visit your favourite retailer websites and compile a wishlist of items you would like – that way it’s easier to check whether or not they are on sale.

#2 Make a note of the starting dates of the sales in your diary or Google calendar. There is often plenty of notice and sales are often promoted in advance on social media sites like Facebook.

Small child looking at lights on a Christmas tree-make your Christmas budget go further

#3 If you don’t mind filling up your inbox, signing up for newsletters will often give you advance warning of forthcoming sales.

#4 Have an up-to-date list of the kids’ measurements – height, chest, waist, hip, leg length, shoe size etc.  I can never remember Caitlin and Ieuan’s.  Come to that, I’m not entirely sure of the Husband’s!

#5 Keep a list of the size your child takes in each retailer and whether that varies.  For example, Caitlin can be a 9-10 for tops and a 7-8 for bottoms in some stores.

#6 Make sure you’ve signed up for any loyalty schemes the retailer offers to make the most of any bonus points.  Generally, you can’t use any other discount when you use a voucher code but you could always use them later.

#7 Lots of retailers allow you to specify a safe place for delivery in case you are not at home when the courier or postman arrives.  Make sure you’ve filled this in and perhaps agree to help out a neighbour on a reciprocal basis. Be careful though, because you may be responsible for those parcels you sign for.

With a bit of careful research and keeping your eye on those bargains, it’s possible to make your Christmas budget go a lot further and avoid that January debt hangover!

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