Cosy Christmas crafting with the kids

There’s no better way of spending a chilly Sunday afternoon than with a bit of crafting with the kids. I am actually starting to find it quite relaxing, even though I am the enfant terrible of Christmas decoration creation.

Caitlin & Ieuan on the sofa

We were challenged by Wynsors World Of Shoes to see how cosy and creative we could get by sending us an enormous box of crafting supplies and some lovely snuggly children’s slippers for Caitlin and Ieuan.

Caitlin & Ieuan wearing slippers from Wynsors World of Shoes

Ieuan chose some cute tigers whilst Caitlin was swayed by some booties with pompoms from their children’s slippers range.

Caitlin's slipper booties with pompoms from Wynsors

Bracing ourselves against the incoming glitter of many hues, the Husband and I duly mucked in to create some Hobbis family Christmas decorations.  Why did we not have coloured pompoms when I was a child?

Caitlin pretending to be an elf

I do remember happily coating my hands in PVA glue in the school craft room, leaving it to set and then peeling it off like a second skin.  Hours of amusement, and probably a waste of Council glue funds.

Mat and Ieuan making a Santa Claus on card with glitter
Art is a series business

Ieuan concentrating on his drawing

Ieuan holding the finished Santa Claus

Actually, it’s good to put the iPads down and crafting is a lot cheaper than going to the cinema, isn’t it?  Plus, if you wrap the kids up and keep their feet warm, you can get away with turning the heating down a bit.

Caitlin's Christmas Angel Decoration

Christmas wreath decorated with multi colour pompoms

I think I heard the phrase “get something on your feet” every day when I was growing up.  My parents were convinced walking around slipperless was a quick route to catching something nasty, like a chest cold or the Black Death.

Caitlin holding up her Christmas angel decoration

And, as we all know, parents are always right, aren’t they?

Ieuan wearing his tiger slippers from Wynsors

You can find a great range of slippers (and shoes) at with free click & reserve, free click & collect and free UK delivery over £15.

*We were sent two pairs of slippers and a box of crafting supplies for the purpose of this post.  No pompoms were harmed in the creation of the wreath.


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  1. Nayna Kanabar
    28 October, 2017 / 6:12 pm

    The slippers are really cute and reveiving the craft box must be fun for the kids to get creative.

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