Review: Glow Crazy Neon Light Up Glow Board From

If you’re still looking for stocking fillers for the over 3’s, I have a couple of great ideas for you from

The Glow Crazy Neon Light Up Glow Board From

Caitlin loved the RDM Glow Crazy Neon Light Up Glow Board (£24.99 + £4.99 P&P) which, although a little pricey, certainly kept her entertained.  Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas which are the best.

The Glow Crazy Neon Light Up Glow Board From box contents

The product is a simple light up board which you decorate with the 2 neon pens supplied (1 colour at each end so 4 colours – purple, orange, pink and yellow).

Caitlin demonstrating the Glow Crazy Neon Light Up Glow Board From

It is lit by 3 AAA batteries (not supplied) and you will need a screwdriver to open the battery compartment at the back of the board.

The board can be attached to a window

The board can then be lit up by simply pressing a button at the bottom to give different frame colours or to flash like a neon sign.

There are suckers on the back to allow you to attach the board to, say, a window and it also has a little kickstand which allows it to stand up on a table.

And it’s easily cleaned with just a little water on a damp cloth, although you do have to take care to clean the water marks off.  As you can see here the board still needs an extra clean!

Glow Crazy Neon Light Up Board Standing Up On A Table
Standing upright on a table

Still, I always think the acid test is whether the kids play with it again – and Caitlin certainly has.

We also tested some brilliant markers from Fibracolor which allow you to create a variety of different effects – these are not your usual colouring pens.  They’re good value too at £14.99 for all of the 40 markers described below.

Here’s what we tested.

Fibracolor Magic Markers

Fibracolor Magic Markers from
Fibracolor Magic Markers

Each set of Fibracolor Magic Markers contains 9 colours and 1 colour-changing white marker which changes the colour of any of the other 9 when drawn over it.

Caitlin demonstrating the Fibracolor Magic Markers from
The marker changes the brown to green in this example

I have no idea who this person is but they look like they will be appearing on Crimewatch shortly.

The Husband also contributed this beautifully drawn boat where you can see the magic marker has changed from orange to yellow.  (Yes, the whole Hobbis family is becoming slightly craft / art obsessed).

Demonstrating the Fibracolor Magic Markers from

Fibracolor Videoliner Markers

Fibracolor Videoliner Markers from

This set contains 10 pens, 5 with a base colour and 5 with a brilliant neon colour which allow you to add a neon ‘pop’ to your drawings. The nib is shaped so that you can write with a fine or a bold stroke.

Example of text drawn with Fibracolor Videoliner Pens from

Fibracolor Erasable Markers

Fibracolor Erasable Markers from

This set contains 9 coloured pens and 1 white pen which allows you to erase the colour by simply colouring over it.

Fibracolor Zig Zag Markers

Fibracolor Zig Zag Markers from

Lastly we tested the Fibracolor Zig Zag markers which have a nifty nib that allows you to draw
a double or even a triple line in one swipe.

Please note that these are not designed to be used with the Glow Board above.

You can find out more at  Happy colouring!


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