Choosing The Best School For Your Child

Our child’s education is extremely important to us as parents. Chances are you’ve been thinking about your child’s schooling before they were even born!

A good education puts them on a good path and sets them up for being a successful adult.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to education

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Move to a New Area

Since schools work on a catchment area basis, you will need to be living locally to the best ones in order to be considered. It can seem like an extreme reason to move, but if you’re serious about your child’s education, then it’s one option. Check out the Ofsted reports and grades from different schools nearby to help you decide on one. From there you can find somewhere to live. The best schools tend to have higher exam result scores, and more satisfaction reported by both parents and students.

Look Into Private Education

Private schools tend to have better exam results than public schools. On top of this they’re more selective in the students they allow meaning the classes tend to be made up of intelligent and hardworking children. Good investment for these schools in innovative teaching solutions guarantees great opportunity that can be assisted by companies like GK & Partners. The class sizes are smaller, the extracurricular activities are more varied, and research has suggested that the teaching is better too. Probably due to smaller class sizes and children being easier to deal with, teachers aren’t so stretched or stressed. There are scholarships and funding available for a lot of private schools so if your child is gifted it may well be worth applying, even if you can’t afford the fees.

Employ a Tutor

If you can’t afford a private education and your child doesn’t quite make the cut for a scholarship, how about hiring a tutor? This could either help your child get ahead, or allow them to catch up in areas where they’re struggling. While tutors aren’t cheap you generally only have them for a couple of hours a week, so it’s something you could work into your budget much more easily than a full private education.

Consider Boarding Schools

Boarding school is so much more than just a school. It’s a chance for your child to explore various extracurricular activities, learn to be more independent and develop bonds with peers that run far deeper than they would at a regular school. Prep school boarding offers beautiful accommodation, often on large grounds in old mansions and manor houses. So you get peace of mind that your child is in a nice place and being looked after well.

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Consider Home Schooling

While schooling and the education system is generally very good, it doesn’t suit every type of child. There are a whole host of reasons you might consider homeschooling. Bullying can be an issue for some children, which can hugely affect their education. If this is a problem for your child and you’ve not been able to get it resolved, then you may consider homeschooling. Perhaps your child has certain needs which aren’t able to be fully met in the traditional way with a classroom full of other kids. Maybe they just learn better in a homeschooling environment. There’s no doubt that one on one teaching is effective- something your child will never experience in a regular school.

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