Dealing With Your Child’s Sports Team Injuries

We are constantly encouraged to lead healthy lives through regular physical activity, as are our children and one way we can do this is by joining a sports team. Football, hockey, netball, rugby – it doesn’t matter what sport you or your children take part in, just as long you all enjoy it.

While being part of a sports team comes with many benefits, from staying healthy to making new friends, it also comes with a risk or two, one of which is injuries. 

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Whether it’s your kids that are part of a sports team or your partner, the chances are that at some point or another, someone is going to get injured.

It could be a minor injury such as a cut or a couple of grazes, or it could be something a little worse – whatever the injury, it’s important to ensure that you know how to deal with it.

Want to know how to deal with all manner or sports injuries? Read on.

Remain calm

Whether you see the injury take place or get a phone call from the team coach, it’s important to stay calm.

No matter what has happened, be it a bump to the head or a potentially broken bone, getting stressed isn’t going to help the situation.

The most important thing is to approach things with a cool head so that you’re able to think clearly about what to do.

The first question that you need to focus on is whether they – your partner or child, should come off the pitch or whether they can continue to play the rest of the game. This will depend on the nature of their injury and how serious it is.

Assess whether medical care is required

The next step is to assess whether medical care is required. If your partner or child has a head injury, is bleeding heavily, or has a potentially broken bone, then immediate medical attention is needed.

You can either call an ambulance – if you think the injury warrants emergency care, or you can take them to the local accident and emergency department.

If the injury isn’t too serious, then immediate medical care may not be required. However, rehabilitation care, such as physiotherapy, may be needed to help them get back on their feet.

If this is the case, it could be worth looking into going private for their care by contacting a hospital such as Highgate Private Hospital, as often NHS waiting lists are extremely long.

If you’ve got medical insurance, this shouldn’t cost you anything. If however, you don’t have medical insurance, you will have to cover the cost of any treatment fees.

Make the patient comfortable and encourage them to rest

Once you get the patient home, make them comfortable and encourage them to rest. If it’s a minor injury they have suffered from and you haven’t sought medical advice, make sure to keep an eye on them, to ensure that they are definitely okay.

If they’re in pain, give them some painkillers, get them comfortable in bed or on the sofa, and take care of them, with a little rest they should soon be feeling better.

Being on a sports team comes with many benefits. However, it also comes with a risk of injury. The chances are that at one point or another, anyone who’s part of a sports team will get injured, so you need to be prepared for that.

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